SEMrush SEO Tool is one of the best SEO analysis tool that helps you to find the top ranked keywords from your blog. Best feature of this SEO analysis tool is that, it would helps you to perform complete SEO audit for your website or blog. So you can quickly recover from search engine algorithm as well as prevent you from latest algorithm updates from search engines.Here is the quick guide on how to use SEMrush SEO tool for complete site SEO analysis. Here are few steps to follow for SEO auditing of your website or blog.

  • Login to your SEMrush account. If you don’t have one, you can create new SEMrush account for FREE.
  • Once you logged in, from tools option at the sidebar, you will see site audit option. Select it and you will see add new project option as shown below.
  • Select that add new project option, so it will ask you for site audit setting.

How to Perform SEO Audit using SEMrush SEO Tool

  • You will be asked for Project name, domain name, max page limit, schedule day and notify me setting.
  • Enter proper details, on max page limit setting, select number of pages you want to crawl and analyse.(Better thing is that you should count the number of posts and pages from your blog and select pages accordingly.
  • You can set schedule, so it would automatically perform SEO auditing on your blog at mentioned time.
  • Once all details has been filled on this On Page SEO Audit Tool, click on create project and start audit. Once audit completed, you would receive an email confirmation that if you have chose notify me option.
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Once everything has been finished, you would see SEO audit overview report on site audit option. Website SEO Audit Tool Now you can click on the site name to view full SEO analysis report on SEMrush account. From overview, you would be able to see number of errors, warnings, notification and number of pages crawled from your blog. From there, you will see overview of SEO Website Audit including errors, warning and notification that you can manually improve for your blog.Suppose from error list, you select external links broken, it would display you the number of external broken links from your blog.

SEO Analysis Report by SEMrush

If you are using WordPress, there is very good plugin called Broken link Checker, that will automatically count the number of broken links on your blog. You can also use broken link checker online tools to verify number of broken links on your blog. Error list is that you should really improve in your blog for better SEO. Warning list is that, you can work on it to increase organic traffic as well as SEO score of your blog.

When you click on any errors, warnings or notification, you would redirected to detailed report tab. It would show you report based on you selected option from errors, warning or notification. From above, I have picked up broken link for example. So it would show me detailed overview of broken links available on my blog. Broken Links Report - SEO SEMrush Tool Now these are the improvement part that I should improve from my side. Actually traffic of this blog went down since few months and I was observing on it what to do to resolve that. Suddenly I started using Hittail & also thinking to invest in SEO tools that really helps to recover lost traffic by algorithm.

I started using SEMrush PRO SEO tool and will share the improvement result soon on this blog.I would also share the improvement steps I have taken to recover from algorithm updates.When you click on any page links from there, it would redirect you to page report tab. SEO Report for Complete Page Analysis On page report, you would be able to see complete SEO report including errors, warnings & notifications for that specified link. You can modify and fix the errors and warnings for better SEO of your blog. This is tutorial about Site audit for SEO which is only one feature of SEMrush tool. There are so many extra feature that I am going to discuss about SEMrush Review on my upcoming post.

If you want to review your site’s for SEO analysis, you can create FREE account with SEMRrush and check the detailed SEO report for your blog.

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