PeekYou is a most popular people search service provider. With this site, you can easily search and find other people online. You can also discover their blogs, websites, social networking profiles, their pictures, or anything else about them. You can search people from anywhere and anyplace, only you have to go website and type name or surname in the search box and select region then hit the search button to search your query. - Best Way to Find People
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In the PeekYou, you can also create profiles for others people, family, friends, etc. Peekyou allow you to search any people on his site using name, surname, or username, so that you can quickly Search for People Free of Charge on peekyou website

How to Search for People on PeekYou

  • First of all, You have to visit PeekYou website
  • Here you can see search box, with search button
  • In the search box, you have to type the First Name, Last Name or Location if you want to find people by Name.
  • You can also search someone by any social username or account name if you remember for any personThird option allow you to search people by Phone number.
  • After finding people on peekyou, you see their profile name with picture and username. For more details about people, you have to click on the search result.

Peekyou profile Includes Name, Username or Picture, Small Bio with social tags, Social site profile like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter or Google, Web links like blogs, websites, etc.

A feature of website:

  • You can search for find people by Name, Username, or Phone Number
  • Also, you can find people by Username feature, Only you have to type your friend’s Username in search bar then click on search button
  • Search more details using Search by country feature; Here you can select country for searching people
  • Find people by Tags like Life, School, Collages, Work, Social Activities and much more
  • Also, you can find using Email address
  • Easy to use User interface allow you to find more easily
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