Pearltrees is awesome Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome plugin allows you to collect any information, organize it the way you want and share it on social networking websites like Facebook & twitter.So you can use it on both Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome browser.

Pearltrees Firefox plugin

By using Firefox pearltrees plugin, you will be able to collect the webpage you like, collect any information that you want like any videos.You can share it directly with your friends on Facebook or twitter.Your collected information on Pearltrees is called as pearls.You can enrich your pearls by discovering your interest with other community Pearltreesmembers there.

All you need to do is just install the Pearltrees Firefox plugin and after installing,you need to sign up to new account with pearltrees.You can also associate your Facebook or twitter account with pearltrees or login with those credentials.Now everything you need to do is collecting pearl.It works in similar manner as that of bookmarking but the only difference is that your pearl is visible to other community members, While your bookmarks are not.

Now just right click your mouse button and than click on pearl this page and the page will be added to your pearl list.You can search cool stuffs & pearls from Pearltrees Search Mozilla plugin.You can organize it according to flow chart as per your wish and you can also add customized & manipulate your pearl.Now you can share your pearl with socially on any social networking website you want.


  • Free & easy to use.
  • Social sharing is available.
  • Collect, Organize & share whatever you like.
  • Available for both Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
  • Access your Pearltrees account from PC, Mac and iPad
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Check out Pearltrees plugin @ Pearltrees Chrome plugin

[Update : Pearltrees Mozilla add-ons is no longer available on Firefox Plugin page]