There are many office employees and business owners who use MS word for planning their business, and there may be more sensitive data that business owner does not want to disclose with others. But MS Word file, by default, is open to everyone and anyone who uses their PC can access to those sensitive data.  There is a way to secure it. You can quickly secure your office file and documents using password protection, but how to put a password in MS Word 2010? Don’t worry we have the trick to put a password in MS Word 2010.

How to Lock Word Documents
How to Lock Word Documents

Method 1 on How to Lock Word Documents

Step 1: Open MS Word file that you want to protect
Step 2: Now Go to “File” button and press it
Step 3: Then select “Info” option on the top left side page
Step 4: Now choose the “Protect Document” option and press it.
Step 5: After pressing “Protect Document” button tap on “Encrypt with Password” button and click to open.
Step 6: Now enter password you want to use, then click on “Ok” button
Step 7: After entering a password, you need to type one more time confirming a password.

Now you have added security on your document file & Lock A Word Document from Editing. So nobody will be able to edit it without your password.

How to Protect Document in Word 2010
How to Protect Document in Word 2010

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Method 2 on How to Password Protect a Document

If you are looking for How to Restrict Editing in Word by adding a password to it, you can follow this tutorial guide for more help.

Step 1: First of all, Choose “Save” button in a word document.
Step 2: Now to click on “Tools” button on the bottom of opened windows. Here you can see “General Options” button and open it.
Step 3: Now enter a password you want to use, both password to open and password to modify then click on “Ok” button when you’re done.
Step 4: Enter your password in a newly opened window, then again enter your password and press “Ok” button.

Check out below video tutorial on How to Lock Word Documents with Password.