Nowadays everyone has flash memory card or USB pendrive in which they are keeping their private data.Even I am using 8 GB micro SD card as well as 8 GB pendrive always with me. I am using the software provided by rohos.The software’s name is Rohos Mini Drive(RMD) having only 3-4 MB file size but very useful to secure your private data on flash drive.

Rohos Mini Drive protect custom usb sticks with a password by making it hidden & encrypted partition on your USB flash drive memory. If you have many private files on your USB drive and want to keep them in secure, this is the best software for you. You can protect them by your custom password and strong encryption with Rohos Mini Drive(RMD). Also it offers a portable encryption tool to work with encrypted partition on any PC.

Rohos Mini Drive Portable allows to use password protected partition on any PC without Admin rights, without install. It works like Disk Browser, helps to access your secret data. Portable utility handy when you don’t have access to your computer or laptop.

There are several windows software available that encrypt your data stored on USB drive, but this one worked for me and the main advantage of this software is its totally free to use.

Installing Rohos Mini Drive:

rohos mini drive(RMD) installation

First of all, download Rohos Mini Drive on your computer.Install it on your computer and run it.After finishing installation, just insert your USB drive in which you want to create encrypted partition.You dont have to reformat your USB drive but make sure that your flash drive has enough space to create encrypted partition on it.

Now click on Setup USB key option from the Rohos Mini Drive Application windows, you will see setup USB key window as shown below.You will need to specify your password there.

rohos setup usb options thumb

If you want to change partition setting, clicking on change link will change the partition configuration.You can configure your encrypted disk’s size, file system according to your need.

Encrypt and Hide Data on Flash USB Drive with Rohos Mini Drive

The output encrypted file will come with rdi extension. Clicking on OK button will start creating encrypted volume on your USB pendrive.Creating encrypted volume will be finished when you see success message windows on your computer screen.

Now go to your windows explorer and navigate to your USB flashdrive there you will see Rohos Mini Drive application which was not there previously.

How to Password Protect Your USB Drive Without Administrator Privilege

Clicking on the rohos apps from your USB pendrive, you will see enter password windows there.Enter your encryption password there and clicking on OK button will show you your hidden partition part from your USB stick.Now you can add your secure & confidential data in that encrypted part from your USB drive.

Rohos Mini Drive Features:

  • Easy to setup password encryption partition on your USB drive.
  • Protect your confidential data encrypted in your USB drive.
  • Portable Application allows to work with a password protected partition on any PC.
  • Virtual Keyboard – protects your password from keyloggers.
  • FREE for non-commercial, personal use.

You can Download Rohos Mini Drive


  1. Excellent post! Easy step by step installation/setup procedure. Well it has good features, especially it protects password from keyloggers. Thanks Bhavesh for sharing this info 🙂

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