Do you know about your child’s activities on the Internet? Well, if not then you should, as it is important for you being a parent to know about what your children do when they browse through the World Wide Web. Parents do not want their kids to be off the track especially when they are on the Internet, and for that reason prefer restricting their kid’s web surfing to a certain limit. Parents are provided with a few vital but practical options to limit their child’s surfing. In this regard even browsers provide helpful tools which help in the supervision when you are initially concerned about all kinds of inappropriate materials. I have some solutions for you, and you are required to deploy any of these which takes only 5 minutes of your time.

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How to Block Websites using Internet Explorer:

You can easily block certain websites from children while you are making use of the Internet Explorer browser. You only are required to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First and foremost, you need to launch your IE browser.

  • Select the Tools option that is available on the foremost menu bar. Scroll down and then click on the Internet Options tab.

  • Then, you need to click over content tab, and click the ‘Enable’ option. Then click on the Approved websites tab.

  • Now you are required to type in the complete URL of the particular website that you consider blocking. On the options mentioned below, click on the ‘Never’ button.

  • Now click on the ‘Apply’ tab, the OK button and must restart your IE browser.

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How to Block websites using FireFox:

While you are making use of the Firefox browser to access the World Wide Web, do not worry as you can block inappropriate material and keep an eye on your child’s activity as well. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Firstly you need to commence your Firefox browser.

  • Browse through the Inspired Effect portal.

  • Now you need to click over the ‘Download’ button. Mark as check in the box where is it written, ‘ I have read, fully understand and be in agreement to the End-User License Agreement that has been stated above’.

  • Now click over the ‘Download Now’ button and then click over the ‘install’ button.

  • Now you need to click on the Tools option that you will find on the main menu bar. Scroll down and then select the FireFox browser settings.

  • Now you need to click on the blocked tab that appears on the page. You need to enter the key terms or words in the address of the site that you consider blocking. Once done, you have to click over the ‘Save changes’ button.

  • Restart your browser and be secure!

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  1. This is really helpful guide on blocking unwanted website in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, you have explained it very clearly. Thanks Kady for this info 🙂

  2. I found the article really informative. However, when searching for a method to block websites for my niece I stumbled upon Qustodio and found it most useful. It works for all the browsers and comes with a lovely social media feature. I think it’s important to try to keep our kids safe on the web.

    • Hi Angela,

      Thanks a lot for your great appreciation and reading my post. This method is also a simple way to keep some sites from reach of our beloved children.

      Thanks for your nice comments

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