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How Parents Can Block Websites from Children

Block Certain Websites from Children
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  1. Nizam says:

    This is really helpful guide on blocking unwanted website in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, you have explained it very clearly. Thanks Kady for this info 🙂

    1. Kady Babs says:

      Hi Nizam.

      Thanks for your comments. It is really a nice appreciation from you. Keep it up with positive way.

  2. it is very important to keep children s away from some sites…and you have helped them…

  3. Mohammad says:


    This is very useful post for the parents.Now they can easily block unwanted sites.


  4. Angela says:

    I found the article really informative. However, when searching for a method to block websites for my niece I stumbled upon Qustodio and found it most useful. It works for all the browsers and comes with a lovely social media feature. I think it’s important to try to keep our kids safe on the web.

    1. Kady Babs says:

      Hi Angela,

      Thanks a lot for your great appreciation and reading my post. This method is also a simple way to keep some sites from reach of our beloved children.

      Thanks for your nice comments