Human beings are sociable creatures, and they feel the constant need to interact with other human beings. Before social media, we would do this in real life, but now that we have so much technology available, we have got caught up in it. It is true that social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter are great places to meet new people, reconnect with friends or family, and to share your thoughts, but sometimes you just have to dial it down a tone. This rule also applies to businesses who try to promote themselves through social media channels. As important as it is to share stuff on your company’s social media account, you should make sure that you are not spamming your followers.

Oversharing on Social Media is not the Key to Success

Why do People Overshare on Social Media Accounts?

People are very active on; let’s say Facebook, because they have nothing better to do. The truth is that people who live truly active lives don’t have time to post 10 times a day about what they are eating, how they have slept. Furthermore, what’s the point of going in vacation if you are going to post a photo of yourself once every six hours? According to people who are excessively active on social media usually try to overcompensate for something that is missing. On the other hand, if you are a business, which is trying to brand itself, oversharing is a sign that you have not understood the point of social media. Many young companies fall victims to oversharing. Sadly, it is difficult to self-regulate yourself online, because there is nobody there to help you. If we go on like this we will probably do nothing but amplify existing problems, or loose followers.

How to Make the Oversharing Frenzy Stop?

You’d think that oversharing is something only the average internet user does, but I have actually met social media specialists who are so absorbed by their work that they actually forget when to stop. Believe me, not everything you find online is funny or interesting, so you should make sure to make your filters a little stronger. Try to think before you post something. If you have to think twice if the content is worth sharing or not, then it is most definitely not. As Lily from “How I met Your Mother” once said, don’t give your approval stamp to everything.

Another thing that users do not want to see is you badmouthing other people. Seriously, if you really want to have a dispute with someone, do it in private, and spare yourself from the embarrassment. Moreover, if the person you are trying to slander is friend or family, chances are that you will start a full-fledged war on your social media account.

The golden rule of social media is “sharing is caring”, and this means that you should not think only about yourself. Even if people are genuinely interested in you, they will probably become bored if you go on and on about your life. Just stop chronicling every historical moment of your day, and turn your eyes to other people in your list.

With so much social media around we sometimes forget that too much personal information can land us in hot water. Make sure that you don’t give away too much personal information about yourself, and try to avoid posting once every two hours.


  1. Very right, We all need friends and company for constant interaction which is evident by the success of the social media sites like Facebook and twitter etc. But it should be limited otherwise followers would feel intruded and spammed..

  2. Yes over sharing, over optimization always looks spam. So, we should do these things in a proper way. Thanks for sharing these valuable information.

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