If you are an internet marketer, you might be looking for comparative analysis of backlinks as well as keyword research for your competitor’s website. As we have suggested, SEMRush SEO Tool is a very good tool to analyze backlinks and keywords for any website, you can check how to use SEMrush from the article here.

We have also published SEMrush review article on our website that will help you to research Competitors Keywords and backlinks effectively. It was a paid tool but worth paying if you use it properly, you can easily make your website standing in competition as well as get ranked for those keywords on SERP.openlinkprofiler - FREE Backlink Checker Tool

It was all about Best SEO Analysis Tool that was paid tool, but what if you want to research only backlinks for your competitor’s website for FREE?, well, we have found a Free Backlink Analysis tool, that allows you to find fresh backlinks of any websites in a minute for FREE.

All you need to do is, enter the URL of the website, of which you want to analyze backlinks and click on analyze backlinks, it will show you complete report for the same instant.

openlinkprofiler - FREE Backlink Checker SEO Tool Review

You will be able to check complete SEO backlink report for FREE including total active backlinks, unique backlinks, links to homepage, nofollow percentage along with link influence score. An interesting thing is you can also filter all backlinks using special filters that you might be looking for.

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FREE Backlink Report for SEO

The backlink page will show a list of an active link in Link influence score, page title, and links, anchor text with the source link, industry (niche) and created date. You can filter the links based on link influence score, the more LIS number, more strong the backlink page is. You can analyze your competitors backlink using this source and try to create your backlink there. This helps you to identify the strongest backlinks that can effectively increase your blog’s ranking.

You can instantly download 1000 backlink report for FREE with a FREE account, but with an upgraded version, you will be able to export more than 200,000 backlinks per domain. You can try FREE account now to use this.

Find potentially harmful links to disavow

Another interesting thing I found from this SEO Analysis Tools is that you can easily find bad backlinks that create negative SEO of your blog. Yes, you can find potentially harmful backlinks to disavow on your Google Webmaster tool. You can disavow links from Google Webmaster Tools account to prevent your blog from getting penalized.

Openlinkprofiler Features:

  • Find competitor’s backlink and export them for FREE.
  • Link Influence score lets you identify the quality of backlink giving page.
  • Easy to use SEO Backlink Analysis Tool.
  • Find most popular anchor texts (i.e., keywords used in the links) for your blog.
  • Find Bad backlinks to disavow.

Cost: Free; the company also offers a premium product, Seoprofiler,  that ranges from $49-$999/month depending on your plan, you will get benefit from that service.