How Do You Open Task Manager When Ctrl Alt Del Doesn’t Work?

Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't bring up Task manager
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  1. lalitha says:

    Actually if cttrl+alt+delete not works on your computer then no other shortcut works well.Anyways other tips are also good if they are working.Nice post on necessary thing.

    1. Dear lalitha,
      Thank you for your valuable comment.

  2. Emech Ron says:

    Thnaks for your sharing. It will be very helpful when PC got hang and keyboard is not working on same time.

  3. July says:

    It is so frustrating and annoying when your computer hangs up. But it is more aggravating when CTRL+alt+del is not working. So I end up rebooting my PC. I am not familiar with those other 4 ways to open task manager that you have written but I’ll definitely try those when my PC hanged again.