Most of the time, when computer hang or stop working due to virus, we need to open task manager and delete unwanted app/service from task manager.It also used to check computer performance, running application, processes etc.Sometime due to virus, PC task manager is become hostage, and thus virus not allow PC to open Ctrl+Alt+del. What would you do at that time when task manager is not opening with  Ctrl+Alt+del? Well, here is the alternative ways to open task manager on your computer.

1. Ctrl+Alt+Del

Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't bring up Task manager

This is the most familiar way and most of the windows users are knowing this shortcut.Most of the time, this shortcut works but it blocked by virus sometime and windows user are unable to open task manager by Ctrl+Alt+Del shortcut.


This is alternate way to open task manager when above shortcut key doesn’t work.

3.Right Click on Task bar

Open Windows Task Manager Alternate Ways

Right clicking on taskbar, it will show up menu from there you can also open task manager.This option should be used when keyboard do not works.

4.Open Task manager from Run

Start Task Manager from Windows run menu

You can directly press windows button, go to run menu and write taskmgr there and press enter.It will open quickly.If you know commands you can quickly access task manager from run as well as other windows program from there.

5.Open Task manager from System32 folder:

Open Task manager from System32 folder

Most of the windows files are located in windows system32 folder in your c drive. This is most probably longest procedure to open task manager. Open windows system32 directory if you already know the location and search for taskmgr.exe, if you don’t know the location copy the path(C:\Windows\System32) and paste it on your my computer address bar. Now search for taskmgr.exe file and click on it. Task manager will be opened.

This is the alternative tricks to open windows task manager from computer when Ctrl+Alt+Del is not work. Feel free to share your views regarding opening task manager from your computer & also do let us know what shortcut do you use to open task manager from your computer.


  1. Actually if cttrl+alt+delete not works on your computer then no other shortcut works well.Anyways other tips are also good if they are working.Nice post on necessary thing.

  2. Thnaks for your sharing. It will be very helpful when PC got hang and keyboard is not working on same time.

  3. It is so frustrating and annoying when your computer hangs up. But it is more aggravating when CTRL+alt+del is not working. So I end up rebooting my PC. I am not familiar with those other 4 ways to open task manager that you have written but I’ll definitely try those when my PC hanged again.

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