SpokenText is online text to speech (TTS) converter that can converts any text into clear natural sounding speech. You can easily Convert documents, web pages or just copy and paste the text you want to convert in to audible format.By using pediaphon we can convert Wikipedia articles into MP3 audible format easily but pediaphon is only for wikipedia,if you want to convert other texts into speech it would not allow you.However SpokenText can do that for you in easy way.

Online text to speech (TTS) converter - SpokenText

The awesome website allows you to convert any written paragraphs or texts in to audible format.Everything you need to do is just add your text there and choose appropriate options such as speed,voice and volume etc.Later on you can add them to iPod or MP3 players,listen it to anywhere you go.

By using SpokenText,you can easily convert PDF files,Word files,plain text files,PowerPoint files,RSS news feeds,Emails,Web pages and lots more.You can easily share your recording via Podcasts, On your personal page, On your blog using SpokenText badges, On your website using individual recording players.You can also install Firefox extension or Chrome extension that will work similar like SpokenText.You can Record English, French, Spanish or German language with your uploaded texts on their website.After uploading text,you need to wait for few seconds to convert it and then you can download the audible format of your uploaded texts.

This is specially useful for students,because students has to read bunch of book with several pages.Instead he can convert study books in to audible format and listen to it in his free time.By using browser extension,you can select any text and send it to SpokenText converter with single click.

Spokentext Features:

  • Upload and convert any text into MP3 format.
  • Firefox and Chrome extension is available.
  • Supported files : PDF files,Word files,plain text files,PowerPoint files,RSS news feeds,Emails,Web pages etc.
  • Multilingual support.
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You can check SpokenText website @ http://www.spokentext.net