I always use Google Maps while traveling outstation and last year I traveled a lot. I used to visit the places where I haven’t been yet and explored them. The thing I noticed last year that I started loving travel lifestyle and I am habituated too.

The biggest regret was, I didn’t take that many photos or videos of the places I visit. In late 2019, I started a YouTube Channel in Hindi for the places I am visiting & exploring to help others. I have even started posting a travel blog posts on this blog here.

Today morning, I received a quick update and overview from Google Map about my travel history in 2019 & I surprised when I opened it.

How many Cities & Places I have visited in 2019?

I have been to various big cities like Vadodra, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Somnath, Diu, Amreli and so on.

How many Cities & Places I have visited in 2019

To keep this on record, I have visited almost 31 cities and 69 places around my state Gujarat.

I have traveled in 2019 without accidental or travel insurance, that I did on Dec 19 & now I am fully covered with insurance. If you are traveling frequently, you should also have travel insurance to help your family, if some incident happens.

Ohh, I have Travelled 11,476 km in 2019 Year

I liked the way, Google Map has represented my journey of last year, it has combined all the locations & highlighted the places, cities along with data. Lastly, they mentioned, the journey I did last year is equivalent to 29% around the world.

Plans for 2020

Well, this was all about the places I traveled through knowingly or unknowingly as a blogger. But in 2020, I will try exploring more places & write about those places on my blog. Stay tuned!

I frequently post beautiful travel photos on my Instagram, so join me there for the latest update. As blog post writing or video editing may take time, but Instagram will always have the latest stories there.

Till last year, I was a desktop guy but I decided to change my lifestyle to a travel blogger and I love doing what I do. So you will always get something exciting when you come back here.

More exciting travel destinations coming soon! See you in my next blog post.