nrelate Related Content has impressed me at the first look.I was searching for related post with thumbnail plugin on my blog and I found nRelate.It is highly customizable plugin available for various blogging platform.nRelate Plugin for blog

It shows relevant content from your blog and you can also monetize your content by showing their ads along with related posts from your blog.The ads shown by them are comes with “i” symbol in image when you hover mouse over it it will expand and show your sponsored image.When any reader or user clicks on the link you will get the money in return.It works on CPC(Click Per Cost) advertisement model.You can check your earning details from nrelate website.The related posts shown below the article are similar to Outbrain Related Link widget.You can also customize content relevancy from the dashboard menu of nrelate.

General feature allow you to customize thumbnail size of related content widget.They also allow us to show only text instead of thumbnail.Number of post to be displayed as related content on your page can also be customized from general option.

nRelate Related Posts Plugin - How-To for WordPress

There is interesting section in dashboard,thumbnail directory which allow you to choose better thumbnail style for your related content.nRelate default style is the best with small beautiful thumbnail however LinkWithin style is also good.However you have maximum choice to choose related post thumbnail image style like Polaroid style, ToonBarn style , style , Huffingtonpost style related post , LinkWithin , etc.If you have your own designed CSS code for image thumbnail,this plugin allow you to mix your code with it.

Related Content advertising panel

Advertising panel of nRelate content allow you to customize the ads.You can fix number of ads to display along with related content on your blog.If you wish to set ads to be displayed first or last,you can set it.In my view it is better to set mixed because the ads displayed random block position and this way there will be maximum chance to get more clicks.

nRelate Feature:

  • High Content relevance in displayed related post.
  • Available in both image thumbnail & text format.
  • Allow you to place ads on related content & earn money.
  • Customizable thumbnail of plugin.
  • Available for most of blogging platform.
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You can check nRelated plugin @ WordPress plugin Gallery[Update : This plugin is no longer available on WordPress]