Recently I was trying to add the category in my WordPress blog and I see some of the categories that should not be indexed in search results pages. Some of the categories like guest posting or offers which is a trendy category that must not be included in indexing as after the offer overs nobody is looking for the categories, so such category must be prevented.

Because Search engines are looking for new and new every day.If it finds some of the pages which are not of any use they will remove such pages from indexing and thus it will affect your blog page rank. So better to de-index such categories and pages from search engines to let the Search Engine not affect the blog page rank.

Previously I was using All in One SEO but after looking top SEO WordPress plugin review I felt that All in one SEO plugin is a just basic plugin for Search Engine Optimization and If I want my blog to make SEO friendly I should use SEO by Yoast plugin. So I migrated from All in one SEO plugin to SEO by Yoast without losing SEO data successfully. Now All in one plugin was not able to let me de-indexing a particular category from Search Engine while SEO WordPress by Yoast did this.

Category editing page in WordPressThis is the screenshot of my WordPress category editor when I had not installed SEO WordPress plugin by Yoast but after installing SEO by Yoast WordPress plugin, I got the extra option from Yoast to optimize my categories too. Look at the screenshot below.

Add Nofollow and Noindex attribute particular WordPress CategoryThe extra SEO option for the category in my WordPress provided by Yoast that helps me to Add Nofollow and Noindex attribute to particular WordPress Category.I am using SEO by Yoast plugin to adding nofollow & noindex attribute to my WordPress blog, share which plugin do you use for adding those attributes in the comment section below.

Approach 2:

If you know to code than you should add the following code within the head tags – <head> and </head> tag in your WordPress theme.

<?php if ( is_category('3') || in_category('3') ) {
    echo '<meta name="robots" content="noindex">';

 Here 3 is the category ID that you want to prevent getting indexed from Search. So category ID determination in WordPress is the most important step & after determining particular category ID you can prevent it if you are using other SEO WordPress plugins rather than SEO WordPress by Yoast plugin.

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