My daughter loves trees & plants, she is just 4 years old but I tell her stories that motivate her to do the right things. Just last month, we have shifted to a new rental home near Surat, Gujarat, as we want to build our house at a place.

We have bought land there and will be making our own house there. So we shifted to a house which was already built in that area. So we can experience nature there, as well as think if we can spend our next few years in that area or not.

Rental home at Kamrej Surat

At first, we found a few insects on, at, and nearby our home. Few times, I was even scared but gradually I made them my friends. Not that much but at least, I am not fearing them. Now I can say, I can live there for the next few years, and planning to build our own house there.

We rented two houses, one is for me and another one is for my brother’s family. The place in front of our house is having so much unwanted grass and plants that attract insects as well as mosquitos. We cleaned some grass from there ourself while some of them were removed using chemical.

My baby @RealPinsu loves planting trees, plants, and vegetables, so I thought of doing some farming activity just in front of our home. There is a big portion of land there, taken by investors just to make money from real-estate things. I have cleaned some of the portions from there, sprinkle some insecticides, and removed those unwanted plants to grow our vegetable farm there.

We have covered that area using some cotton thread tied together to make long threads (Best from waste). The main idea was to recycle as many things as possible to explain to my baby girl how we can love nature without spending more money.

Long term goal is to travel more and cover more places on this blog, but the current COVID-19 situation doesn’t let me travel more. But gradually I have developed gardening as my hobby and I just love it.

We have planted a few vegetables and hope they will grow sooner. I will show some of their photos on my social media as well as on this blog.

Stay tuned.