Back in the day, you only needed a website if you were running a successful business. Moreover, the only businesses that needed a website were those who were selling products or services online or offering content to readers. However, with the booming popularity of the internet and the huge improvements in technology in recent decades, having a website for your business is all but necessary.

Do You Need a Website for Your Small Business

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A small business website is a great way to sell products or services, connect with your audience to provide news and support and get your name out there.

Websites for All

Between the decrease in cost and the improvements in technology, it’s easier than ever to get your own website. It’s also more beneficial than ever thanks to the more than 3 billion internet users.

In fact, it’s so easy and affordable to get your own website that many people are recommending everybody has a personal website. You can get a domain name for about $10 or $15 and host for about $15 a month. A personal website is a great way to keep your portfolio online, share media with family, or even just to express yourself.

That being said, every business should have a website. It’s a small investment that can provide huge returns, especially if you know how to operate it right.

Sales and Services

If you’re selling a product or offering a service, a good website is a must. Even a simple website builder allows you to set up a store and accept payments, and the other parts of your website can help attract potential customers.

Small businesses that offer a service should have a website that contains details about services, previous work experience, frequently asked questions, and a way for customers to get in contact. No matter what service you’re offering, a good informative blog serves as a great way of boosting traffic to your website and improving your chances of making a sale.

Storefronts are another huge part of small business websites. No matter what you’re selling, you need an online storefront—but there’s more to it than that. A storefront adds a lot of content to your website, including product titles and descriptions, reviews and more which can all help improve your search engine rankings and connect you with customers.

Connect with Customers

Whether you’ve already sold a product to a customer or you’re looking to turn a lead into a sale, a small business website can help. With your own website, you can stay in constant contact with customers and allow them to get in touch with you.

Customer support is a vital part of every business, and a website is the easiest way to provide that support. In addition to having a contact page on your website, you should also offer a knowledge base or frequently asked questions page to provide customers with answers to questions they may have.

You can also use your website to let customers know when you have a sale coming up or want to hear their feedback.

Spread the Word

Whether somebody tweets one of your insightful blog posts or finds you by searching for a keyword you used in a product title, your website is a powerful tool when it comes to getting your name out there. Take advantage of keyword research, SEO and social media to boost your online presence while adding content to your website.

As your audience grows, so does your potential for growing your customer base.No matter what kind of small business you’re running, you absolutely must have a website. Even if it doesn’t get much use, it’s important to secure an online identity in an environment that grows ever more competitive.