Each of my travel trips gave me different experiences that I always share on my blog. My recent trip to Hingolgadh gave me a totally new experience which I never thought about. It was about travel insurance.

I mentioned on that blog post, that I have booked my bus online from Surat to Rajkot and found that redbus was selling me travel insurance policy at a nominal rate at the time of making payment.

Travel insurance from Surat to Rajkot

Initially, I thought why should I consider additional expense on my travel when I am already paying my travel expense? Later I looked at the cost of my travel insurance and it was only 15 INR & the benefits I was getting were already convincing for the cost.

Travel Insurance by ICICI Lombard

I have later paid for the travel insurance as well which was costing me an additional 15 Rs which offering me 1 lakh sum as hospitalization expense, a daily allowance of 500 INR, baggage loss, trip cancellation or interruption cost was included in it. So it worth paying that amount for this much of benefits.

Indian roads, drivers are highly unsafe as I always see news about at least 1 accident case on the roads. While riding on the highway, I have personally seen a highway accident myself.  I thought to have travel insurance will keep my family as well as me financially safe, in case of unforeseen events happens.

By Paying an additional 15 INR on my trip, I got 6 days of travel insurance from ICICI Lombard & I got my policy within half an hour of booking my ticket.

Travel insurance from Rajkot to Surat

I have opted for travel insurance on my returning trip as well, this time redbus gave me travel insurance from ACKO company, which I have never heard before.Travel insurance from Rajkot to Surat

It cost me 10 Rs for the insurance that covered Bus operator cancellation, Bus type mismatch, personal accident, medical expense, loss of baggage, etc covered in it.

Comparing both insurances, this ACKO travel insurance cost me 10 Rs while ICICI Lombard travel insurance cost me 15 Rs.

Single trip vs Multi Trip

My thoughts on Having Travel InsuranceI have searched about travel insurance policy online & found that most of the brands were offering me travel insurance policy for a single trip as well as multi-trip.

Travel Insurance for Single Trip: This kind of insurance policy, usually you get at the time of Bus, train or flight ticket booking online.

You can also opt for such a policy from a local insurance agent or company. This kind of policy usually covers you for a specific period of time.

If you travel less, this kind of policy could save you a lot instead of having it on a yearly basis.

Travel insurance for Multi-Trip: Such a policy covers you almost for the full year, you don’t need any additional policy & you can call your insurance agent or local insurance company to have a travel insurance policy for this.

If you are a frequent traveler, you must have travel insurance that covers your full year.

Why Do We Need Travel Insurance

Travel medical insurance has a lot of benefits that keep you financially & medically safe. Here are a few biggest advantages that I noted & forcing me to have travel insurance for all of my next trips.

Medical Emergency

A medical emergency is totally unexpected event that happens anywhere anytime. The biggest advantage of travel insurance is that you can feel relax from the expensive cost of medical bills in case of a medical emergency.

Trip Cancellation & Rescheduled Costs

This happened to me while I went to an event in Delhi and our flight was rescheduled after 3 hours in 2012. They offered me free food at Delhi airport.

Sometimes, technical issues or strikes could lead you to miss or fail to reach your destination and you miss your travel flight. Having travel insurance could cover you from expenses like that without additional expense.

Luggage or Baggage

Losing your luggage or individual items happens anywhere. You might be looking back at the local sights and return back but don’t find your stolen or missing baggage? The baggage you lost has your passport, cloths or any other travel documents and you lost them?

You probably have some expenses like buying a new set of clothes or tech gears. Travel insurance helps you reimburse you for these expenses up to some extent depending on the sum it covers.

This was all I know about travel insurance to date. Very soon, I will book my travel insurance policy and share my own opinion about it or keep this article updated with the benefits or information I get.


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