There are different different ways to store database online. Some likes Dropbox, some like Microsoft Skydrive, some would like and so is free service that helps you to transfer files between two different cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. It also allow you to transfer files from your File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and MySQL servers. A free account will allow you to do basic transfers between services; a paid account will enable you more features such as scheduling, and simultaneous file transfers.

How To Easily Transfer Files Between Different Cloud Storage Services
Transfer Files Between Different Cloud Storage Services

You will be able to move files from one cloud storage services like Dropbox, Skydrive,, Amazon, and more (including private web hosts like Dreamhost). You can create free account with and you are allowed to move 10 GB data from one cloud service to another for free. you can upgrade 1 USD per GB afterwards.

Copy Files Between Dropbox, Google Drive & SkyDrive
Transfer Between online cloud storage services

You have to select from where you want to move files and to where you want to paste it.It allows Amazon S3,, dropbox, FTP,Google drive, SkyDrive, Sugarsync, picasa, Dreamhost and much more. There are main two section that allow you to move file across those cloud storage services.

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1. Select Source: Here you have to select source from where you want to improt/copy/move files from available services provided in the image.

2.Select Destination : Use the cloud storage account to which you want to paste/move data from the source cloud services. Suppose I want to move my files from my dropbox account to account, I will select dropbox in select source file. It will ask for authorization from my dropbox account.

Mover App would like access to all files and folders in your Dropbox. This app will be able to read and modify everything.

Allow that, so you can copy files from your dropbox account to another cloud storage account.Now on select destination side, we have to add box account, because we want to move data to box account.( You can choose any storage account both side from and to)

 With access to your Box account, Backup Box (by Mover) can: Read and write all files and folders

This will also ask for permission, whatever cloud storage account you want to add, it will ask for permission. You may give permission to respective cloud storage account to move data from and to.

How to Transfer Files Between Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive Online
Moving Files from Dropbox to

On both side, I have selected accounts, so it will explore folders from both dropbox and box account side.You can also create folder from any of account.There is useful facility, you can compress your folder from dropbox online and then move it to box account online for free using compression tool.When you click on transfer now button at center, the option will be there. If you wish to make it compressed folder, you can check radio button, archive(zip file before transfer).

Compress Dropbox Files & Transfer it to Box online

It will ask you for confirmation and then it will copy data from dropbox to box account.Useful thing is that, you will also get logs for transfer while moving files across cloud storage services.

File Transfer between cloud storage logs

This is an example of moving from one cloud storage account to another, I used dropbox and to explain. Likewise you can use any cloud storage accounts to move.Even you can backup your website with dropbox or compress your cloud storage account files and download it on your webserver/local drive of your computer at once.

How to Revoke access from to access cloud storage services:

Now everyone would have question, that if we have given access and permission to to access our cloud storage accounts, how we can revoke access from to access our cloud storage account.

Revoke Access from

To deauthorise mover account accessing our cloud services, simply open change source/select destination and then you will see setting like icon from the services you have authorized.

Deauthorizing mover account

Click on delete this connector and it will be deauthorized accessing your cloud storage services. If you are using any other services to transfer files across different cloud storage services, suggest us. We will try it and review which one is the best.

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