After installing the new WordPress on this domain, we were using All In One SEO plugin for optimizing my content posted on this website. After writing reviews about Best WordPress SEO plugin, I came to know that All In One SEO plugin was only having basic options to optimize content for SEO. If I want to drive more traffic to my content, I should migrate from All In One SEO plugin to SEO by Yoast. I was in search of on page SEO analysis that provides me instant advice to optimize my content for better SEO.

After researching a lot, I came to know it’s SEO by Yoast that has all the option that we need for our website. I have seen that the plugin has been used by popular WordPress blogs like Mashable, SearchEngineland & The Android Portal.

We have installed and tried a lot of SEO plugins for WordPress, and out of it, Yoast SEO plugin was the plugin in which we found all on page SEO suggestion and advise that anyone needs. You don’t need to consult with professional SEO service provider for on-page SEO advice for each page. As you will get all instant suggestion to optimize your page for perfect on Page SEO.

SEO By Yoast Overview & Review

It provides the recommendation for best SEO for your keywords including Article Heading, Page Title, Page URL, Content, Meta description, etc. Check out the image below for a quick overview of SEO by Yoast WordPress plugin that suggests almost all on page SEO advice in it. The good thing is that, if you want to optimize your content for specific targeted keywords, you can add that keyword in Focus keyword option. Now Yoast will suggest all on page things that you should consider to rank for that targeted keywords regarding on page SEO.

SEO By Yoast WordPress Plugin Review


Now, look at the On Page analysis option available in SEO by Yoast plugin. It will suggest you almost all things that you require to be a master for on page SEO for your blog. E.g. If your focus keyword is not in SEO title, it will show red color along with the suggestion that your focus keyword is not appearing in the SEO title.

Likewise, there are so many options to optimize your page for better on-page SEO than any other WordPress plugins.

On Page SEO Advise by Yoast

Migrating from All in One SEO to SEO by Yoast

You might be thinking that installing Yoast plugin and removing all in one SEO plugin will delete all your SEO data like meta keywords, meta description for each post. Well, yes, if you do not backup and migrate your data from one to another, your all meta contents stored in one plugin will be lost. Instead of, you can backup your SEO data from one plugin, Export it and import your SEO data in another plugin will help you to keep your all SEO data instead of losing them.

How to Export SEO data & Import in other SEO Plugin?

We have found a great WordPress plugin that lets you export your SEO metadata & import it in any other SEO plugins.

The plugin is called as SEO Data Transporter which helps you to transport your SEO data without losing them when you switch to another SEO plugins. This plugin supports most of the popular themes like Builder, Catalyst, Frugal, Genesis, Headway, Hybrid, Thesis 1.x, WooFramework & much more.

The good thing is that you can migrate your SEO data between popular SEO plugins. Some of them are Add Meta Tags, All in One SEO Pack, Greg’s High-Performance SEO, Headspace2,  Infinite SEO, Jetpack Advanced SEO, Meta SEO Pack, Platinum SEO, SEO Title Tag, SEO Ultimate & Yoast SEO, etc.

Check out below image, that you will find in import export panel in your WordPress dashboard. Depending on the SEO plugin installed on your website, it will show import option. Select the option from which you want to import your SEO data and click on Import button.

Migrate from SEO plugin without loss of SEO data

You should keep installed both SEO plugins from and which you want to import and export the data. So you will find import export option and import-export SEO data quickly from there.

At SEO data transporter option, you will see convert import SEO data from and to and click on analyze button, so it will show you if data can be transported or showing any error there.

SEO data converter

If everything is okay, click on convert button, so that your SEO data will be converted from your selected SEO plugin to your preferred SEO plugin in self automatically.

This entire process will not take more than 4 to 5 minutes. It’s so easy and helps you to improve SEO score of your entire blog. Important features of Yoast SEO like twitter meta card, facebook open graph meta data etc will help you to show better snippet on social networks too.

Share your views and comments below, if you still needs any assistance in migrating from any SEO plugin to Yoast.


  1. i too using the yoast in my analysis tab helps beginners like me to spot out mistakes and get good seo rank in it.

  2. Since I am working as SEO in couple of years, this topic of yours has enlighten me to great extent. Though I had few ideas previously, today my thoughts have become more clear after going through your writeup. Thanks!!

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