How To Speed Up Your Wireless Network at Home

The advancement in the World Wide Web(WWW) is continuously increasing. Nowadays, many people are enjoying the awesome advancement of technology through the Wi-Fi Connection that gives great ease and convenience. This technology does not require installation of wires to obtain Internet connectivity. However, wireless network can also experience significant slowdown due to some reasons.

How To Speed Up Your Wireless Network at Home

Typical signs of having problems in the connectivity include slowdown when browsing, low bar rating and discontinuous internet access. That is why if you notice these signs you should expect that you are having problem with the connection as it is not as reliable or fast as it should be. Likewise, you can also experience complete loss of internet connection in some parts of the place. Fortunately, there are some possible ways that can help in resolving such issues and enjoy the fastest connectivity.

Here are some ways to improve your the wireless network connection speed effectively!

  1.  Location of wireless router

The location of the router plays significant role in the signal strength of the network connection. In this sense, you should ensure kept away things near the computer and router as it affects the signal. As much as possible you should place the router in a place where it can receive signals. The wireless signals decrease especially when passing through obstructions such as walls.

Therefore, in order to improve the wireless connection, you should find a strategic place where radio waves can easily obtain. You can also place the router in the center of the house for wider coverage. As much as possible, you should move the receiver closer and keep the router away from metal objects and other electronic devices. You should ensure that the router is away from microwaves and cordless phones as well as ensure that the default signal channel is changed.

  1. Update drivers or firmware of the WiFi device

Despite of the advancement in technology it is inevitable that hardware developers are not making perfect products. It follows that all devices cannot guarantee working flawlessly. In this sense, it can help to install updated firmware to your router. See to it that the latest driver is installed in the router in order to obtain strong signal.

  1. Use Wi-Fi scanner

If you are using wireless connection, it can help in improving the speed by using Wi-Fi scanner. You can download this scanner over the internet and choose the excellent software. It will not only make the signal stronger but also increase the speed when browsing.

  1. Compatibility Checks

Another way of increasing the speed and the signal strength is by checking the compatibility of the network adapter and the router. That is why as much as possible you should purchase the network adapter and the router from the same vendor so that you will not face difficulty in choosing the right match.

Indeed, the slow connectivity of wireless network is never a big issue as long as you know the possible ways to improve it. You need not spend big amount of money in increasing the speed because you can do it even without spending a single centavo.


  1. Really useful post! Well yes, the router should be placed where it can receive signals and also using Wi-Fi scanner is a good idea, as it can help in improving the speed and to make the signal stronger. Thanks Kady for sharing this info ­čÖé

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