The Facebook fan pages are a great way to share your thoughts, promote your business or just make a fan club for your favorite star. So after you create a Facebook page, it is important that you update it daily and promote it well all the while moderating the user activity on it.

facebook fan page

Here are a few steps that you can follow easily to manage and promote the page all the while keeping your reputation well intact.

Have a good looking Welcome Tab for the Page

One good thing to attract new visitors to like your page is by having a good welcome page will which guide them to the purpose of the page and provide an overview. This way they will want to know more and like your page instead of just a single visit.

Have a habit of Putting you page’s URL

Have a habit of listing your page’s URL in every post and picture on your page’s wall. This will enable the other viral viewers of your page’s shared post to land at your page to find more information and interesting stuff.

Have a habit of giving the page URL in your signature.

 A good way to promote the page from outside is to put your page’s URL in email signatures.

Link your Facebook Page with your Facebook Profile

A good way to promote the page is by linking it with your personal Facebook profile. In this way, your close relatives, friends, co-workers will know about the Page and its purpose. You can do so by, going to your PROFILE> About ME > EDIT ABOUT ME> and add the Facebook page URL there to link it with your profile.

While these are the main things that are helpful in promoting your fan page, a good thing to do is to manage your page well too. This way, you can not only grow your audience but keep the existing audience interested.  When you want to see the performance of your facebook fan page, here is what you can do :

Go to the DOWN arrow just beside the Home tab on the top right corner> click on your <page name> this will redirect you to your page.

Now click on the INSIGHTS tab on the page. This will take you to an incredible dashboard which will help you to measure the page performance. The Insights dashboard will allow you to see the detailed performance of your page. You can see the number of new LIKES in the current week. A graph shows the activity of LIKES and UNLIKES in the recent period.  There is also a measure of the friends of Fans statistics which will help you measure the “virality” potential of your page. What It means is that if you can promote you page well there is a chance that your page posts will be visible to this many number. The actual reach of your posts will be very less than this but this is the maximum achievable number. The other “Virality” graphs will help you measure which posts performed the most and you can know what kind of stuff they are interested in. This way by perfect marketing you can manage and promote you Facebook page efficiently.


  1. Well yes, welcome page is really useful, as it will attract visitors and also it provides an overview of a page and having a page URL in the signatures is really a good way to promote page and it does helps. Thanks John for this informative post 🙂

  2. Another way of promoting your page is to log in as your page and comment thoughtfully on other pages related to yours. If you keep appearing with good contributions, sooner or later some of the visitors will have a look at your page. And some of them will become fans.

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