Even if you are male or female, you would surely want to know how your future children will look alike.Obviously all childrens are looking exactly like his/her mom dad so you can check your face look like baby.Recently we had discussed about checking your face when you are growing elder after 20-30 years.You can check your face shape and look after 20-30 years with in20years website.This is another cool site that provides you browser extension for Mozilla Firefox as well as for Google Chrome.


All you need to do is just upload your photo and your partners photo to there and they will combine both of yours photo and make baby image from it.Currently they are providing browser extension and you can make fun with it.It is not online image editors but it uses advanced face detection technology to detect your & your partner’s face.If you are on Facebook and MySpace like social networking website, they have apps there so you can pull in your friends on the social networks to make (potential) babies.You can use it’s apps on both Facebook and MySpace.

Makemebabies Features:

Check it out cool website @ www.makemebabies.com