ClickBank Affiliate ProgramMost of bloggers are depending on Google Adsense earning, while some of them are not interested in Google Adsense. Mostly pro bloggers are using Affiliate marketing to monetize their blogs. If you know the potential of affiliate marketing, you would probably start making money using Affiliate marketing. There is no limit how much you can earn.

If you have a niche blog with 1000+ traffic per day, it’s easy to make money with affiliate marketing. It is important that you choose the right product to promote on your blog to make more conversation and sales from loyal readers. Suppose, if your blog is based on Fashion niche and you are promoting products related to WordPress hosting, none of your blog readers would purchase it. It is important that you promote relevant product based on your niche, that would help you to get more conversations from your affiliate links.

I have my account on Clickbank from last two years but never used it. Recently I have purchased SEOPressor plugin and found it is really effective. I have written an article about SEOPressor review & SEOPressor at $5 USD. Interesting thing is that within few days of publishing the post, both articles are got ranked in Google SERP on top 10 results. I give all the credit to SEOPressor WordPress plugin. It gave me both ranking as well as affiliate sales from that ranked articles. If you use SEOPressor WordPress plugin along with Hittail Keyword Tool to get the best results. because Hittail would suggest you best long tail keyword and SEOPressor would give you LSI keywords.

Now come to the topic, SEOPressor is a product from Clickbank. You can sing up for Clickbank and Become Clickbank Affiliate.Then start promoting a relevant product of your niche. There are so many products available on Clickbank to promote. Interesting thing is, all category and niche products are available on Clickbank to promote.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

There is only limited product which I used to promote from Clickbank on my blogs, e.g. SEOPressor. I personally use SEOPressor products and then only promote it with a detailed review. So Each and every feature of any product I promote is tested by me.

How to Join ClickBank :

Joining Clickbank as Clickbank Affiliate is free and easy. Just Click on the Clickbank Sign Up link and fill up a registration form. Once your account has been created, you can begin promoting the products on your website.

Searching For Products to Promote

Clickbank Marketplace

At the top of the page, you would see the marketplace. After you click on the link, you would redirect to the marketplace page. From there, you can search for the product or click on the category links to select the product as per your blog’s niche. For example, I have searched in the computer /internet category. There I will get few results about the product to promoted by me.

How to Use Clickbank & promote product as a clickbank affiliate :

Search For Product to Promote on Clickbank

When you click on the promote button beside product,  new window will be opened. There you can create tracking ID for your reference, but it is optional. Your account nickname would mentioned there. There, commission would be described for that product there.

How to Make Money with Clickbank Affiliate Program

Once after clicking on create button, you would provided with unique link for your clickbank product. You can link that link to your blog’s page, review page to promote that product with your affiliate link. Any sales made into your clickbank affiliate account, would be shown on dashboard as clickbank earning report.Here I am sharing My Clickbank Account earning statement screenshot for this week.

How to Money with Clickbank

Bydefault, you would not get any clickbank earning statement by email. But you can configure your clickbank account to Get ClickBank Sales Notification Via Email. So you would get notified about each sales made through your affiliate link on Clickbank.

Best Ways to Promote ClickBank Products :

From my personal point of view, best way to promote any affiliate product is to create review article on it. You can write review article about that product with your affiliate link. Because most of the person who is going to purchase anything would first look for the review of the product before they invest. If you are writing honest review about the product along with pros and cons, your reader would love it. They would know about that product’s pros and cons before they purchase it. So they would love to purchase that product with your affiliate link.

Promoting Clickbank’s Product Via YouTube :

This is interesting one. You have to purchase that product and test it your self. Then create review video about how to use that product in detail with tutorial. At the bottom, embed your affiliate link to that product. Your blog readers would check out that video on how to use that particular product and go for purchasing that item with your affiliate link.

Promoting Clickbank’s product via Email Marketing :

If you are using aweber email marketing service or other email marketing service, this is the very good way to promote. You can embed your affiliate link on the newsletter you are sending to your subscribers. Probloggers are saying that money is in the list, and they are right as per me. Because as many subscribers you have, more the chances of converting them into sales.

Promoting Clickbank’s Product via Niche Sites :

This is the most interesting one. Create niche blog on specific topic and look for the similar product related to your niche. I have seen most of the affiliate program works best on niche website’s and give best results. You can even make your living on niche sites affiliate earning.

Signup for Clickbank Affiliate Program

If you are blogger, using only Google Adsense, Chitika or Infolinks,  you should try Clickbank Affiliate marketing. You can make even more than all your combined earning from Affiliate Marketing.