Make Money Online with Amazon CPM Ads

How to Make Money Online with Amazon CPM Ads

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  1. Ayush Gupta says:

    Voah! That’s great. I hope they allow sign up in recent days for publishers.

    1. Hey Ayush,
      Right now it is for invited publishers only, but hope they would make it available for rest of bloggers very soon.

  2. Nitin Balodi says:

    Yes you are right. however, it is harder as compared to adsense I think. I dont know how to persuade people to buy from the links I am providing.

  3. Anshul says:

    Well I was waiting for this for long but still its not available for everyone. Can you please let us know when it can officially update for everyone?

    1. It is available for invited publishers only, Hope rest of blogger will get amazon CPM account soon.

  4. suresh says:

    nice thing from making money amazon cpm ads.but it’s want tarrfic please help me i start a new blog about 3 month ago but not getting plz help me.

  5. Erik says:

    Interested, how is the pay rate compared to Google AdSense?

    1. you can choose CPM rate you require and they will show ads depending on your requested CPM.

      1. Graywolf says:

        You can choose your CPM but you can’t set it high or it never shows. If you set it low, you don’t make as much money. If you set it to the same as adsense, does it pay out the same or not show as often?

        I got asked into the cpm program but not sure where to set the CPM for the most money. Erik’s wondering if you’re actually making as much with this than you would be with adsense.

        1. Hey Graywold,
          I have personal experience with Amazon CPM ads and it gives more than adsense. It may be Good competitor of Google adsense, i think.

  6. Rahul says:

    One of the best alternative to Google Adsense, quiet useful information you have shared. Will try it, having quiet good impressions per day..
    thanks for sharing…

  7. Shihabudheen K says:

    Nice Article . I would like to know if it is available in India ?

    1. Hi Shihabudheen K,
      Right now It is available for invited users only, I am also from India. I hope it will be publicly available soon for all publishers.