Majestic SEO is free backlink checker tool for internet PR and marketing, that is used by most of the SEO agencies.By using this free webapp, you will be able to find out how all the websites on the internet link to each other. You ca also check and analysis your website SEO by most popular SEO analysis websites.

Majestic SEO - Backlink Checker & Site Explorer

it uses a freemium model. Without an account, you are only able to access general summary information about a requested URL or domain (e.g., number of referring domains, number of external backlinks, number of referring IP addresses, etc.).If you signup for free account, you receive additional SEO information along with mentioned above and you also get access to the top 5 backlinks, top 5 referring domains, and top 100 pages (based on the number of referring domains) for your request, referring Domains Graph,Top Backlinks , Anchor Text Pie Chart, Backlink Breakdown Chart , Top Pages of your site including the number of External Backlinks, Referring Domains etc. ( Guide : Tips to increase backlinks )

Majestic SEO - Backlink Checker Tool for SEO & Internet PR & Marketing

To analyse your website for SEO, you will need to log on to website and there you will see url box to enter your website address.Add your website URL there and click on search button or hit enter button.It will load your website SEO summery as shown in image above. At the top, you might have seen use historic index and use fresh index. If you choose historic index, the majesticseo will display all SEO data that it have in past. If you have chose use fresh index, it will show up fresh SEO data analysis for your website.

How To Verify Website in

If you have registered account, you will be able check your website in details with reports by adding your site in webmaster tool of majesticSEO. You can verify it just like we verify our website for technorati, Alexa, Google Webmaster too. There are main three methods to verify your blog in MahesticSEO.

1.Meta Tag Verification : You will need to add a <meta> tag to the index page of your domain.

2.Text File verification : You will need to upload a text file using ftp to the root of your site.

3. Google Webmaster Tool : You can link your Google Webmaster Tools account to import all your verified domains from the account.

Webmaster Tools : Majestic SEO - Majestic SEO Verified Domain panel

Once you have verified your domain in MajesticSEO website, you will be able to see your website status as verified in the website.If you are accessing your website SEO data without login to your account, you will be able to access only summery page, while if you are logged in, you will be able to access advanced SEO reports like ref domains, backlinks, lost, anchot text, map, pages.

MajesticSEO Extra Advanced Report

Majesticseo Features:

  • Free SEO analysis tool for Internet PR & Marketing.
  • Site Explorer, Backlink History Checker, Link Map Reports, Link Intelligence API.
  • Advanced SEO reporting for registered users.

If you have ever tried majesticseo or already using it, share your review with it. If you are using any other tools to check SEO data for your website, feel free to recommend us.

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