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When it comes to slow performance of a computer, all users try a different app to clean cached data on a computer. When it comes to clean cache data from a computer, average consumers are not aware of what should be done to keep their computer running smoothly. While stumbling across, I ended my search with CleanMyPC.

There one-time some few good software available in Market to clean cache data like CCleaner. However, if you want to spend money for some advanced software, you should try CleanMyPC.

Design & User Interface

It’s easy to use software for Windows which comes with modern feel & practical when it comes to user interaction. Overall interface, you will be able to find many menus for easy navigation.


When you first time installs CleanMyPC and opens it, it will show you welcome screen with Scan button at the bottom. All menu mentioned below with short description mentioned in brief afterwards.

  • My Computer
  • Registry maintenance
  • Uninstaller
  • Hibernation
  • Extensions
  • Autorun
  • Privacy
  • Shredder

My Computer

This option lets you find out the dump and cache data from your computer with scan option. It will show you some data that can be removed without affecting your private files and system data.

My Computer option on CleanMyPC

You will be able to see caches & logs, Trash & Junk files mostly that are occupying space on your computer. By clicking on a clean button, it will automatically remove those identified files from your computer. Also, you can select which files you want to keep and which one to be removed from there.

Registry maintenance

Here you will be able to find unwanted registry files from your computer using this option.

Registry Maintenance on CleanMyPC

So many users are aware of a registry which runs in the backend of OS. An optimised and clean registry is ideal for improved computer performance. It is not possible for everyone to clean registry manually, such software helps a user to clean windows registry without affecting system data.


Uninstaller option lets you uninstall any of your installed software from your computer. We can uninstall any program from control panel > add or remove a program, this option is identical to that process.

Uninstaller Option on CleanMyPC

This option allows you to remove spammy software or bloatware installed on your computer. You will be able to see Program name, publisher and size of that app occupying your disk. While clicking on uninstall button, it will first uninstall that software from your PC. Later it checks if that program left any residual files on your computer or not. If there is any, CleanMyPC also shows those files to you.


The hibernating option allows a user to use their computer in a state when it hibernated. Suppose you are working on an income expense sheet on your computer, you got some immediate work, you can hibernate your computer & go to that work. When you start your computer again, it will resume from where it was stopped and slept.

Hibernation option in CleanMyPC

Since hibernation will use system memory, this might be a reason for the slow performance of your computer. You can disable hibernate option so that it will stop consuming your system memory. Hibernation option allows you to turn off or turn on hibernate option from your computer.


When you use a browser on your computer, you might use add-ons on your computer. For Firefox browser, it’s called Firefox add-ons, for Chrome browser, it’s called Chrome extension. You can call it either.

Extension option on CleanMyPC

Sometimes, you are not able to find which browser add-ons are consuming your browser’s speed. This is an awesome option, that will automatically find extensions or add-ons you have installed on all your browser you are using.

Also, you will be able to delete any unwanted browser add-ons using this option in CleanMyPC.


You might have noticed that some programs start automatically when you start your windows. Sometimes, unwanted programs like some app updater and like these get started automatically when Windows start. So it takes more time than usual to start your windows.


This option shows you all autorun apps that starts automatically when your windows start. You can also enable or disable any unwanted apps to run on startup. So you can improve a performance of your computer.


You don’t have to clear cookies, cache, history and authorization on multiple browsers one by one. Privacy option on CleanMyPC lets you clean all data from all browser together.


You will be able to clean browser history using this option.


This option seems useful for those who don’t want to leave trace files while deleting anything from their computer.


You can choose folder or files that you want to remove but don’t want to leave a trace on your computer. After removing using this option, you won’t be able to find the deleted data anywhere from your computer.

This is all about menus in CleanMyPC software for windows. There is some option that lets you configure this app more efficiently.

Automatic Agents on CleanMyPC

You can also clean recycled data on your external device or USB drive using an automatic agent. Shredder drop agent option allows you to drag and drop files to delete them. Recycle bin Monitor option allows you to clean your recycle bin automatically when you it consume more than your specified limit.

Notification option is something that you might take control of. You might see a notification on bottom right side of your computer whenever specified action was done.

Notification option in CleanMyPC

You can enable or disable notification from CleanMyPC using Option > Notification menu.

Final Verdict

As the name suggest, CleanMyPC can be mainly used to clean windows of clutter that accumulated with the passage of time.

Its free version is also available, so you can try their free version before buying. Price seems little bit higher side, however, one time fee for lifetime licence could be a sweet deal.

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