I have recently posted about Outbrain related post widget which helps website owners to show related post below each of the article and helps them decreasing bounce rate of website.Best thing to show related post after each post is that, it would help you to decrease bounce rate of your blog, that is important part of SEO.

Related link solution for Website ownersLinkwithin is working fine with blogger platforms and other platform as well.It keeps your blog readers engaged with your blog if you are not doing manual interlinking on your website or automatic interlinking in WordPress website. It would help you to show WordPress Related Posts after each post or wherever you want to implement the code on your template.

How to setup Linkwithin to show related post in your website?
First go to the Linkwithin website and there fill up the form with relevant options like email, your website link & which platform you are using for blogging.You can manually choose up to 5 related posts.

LinkWithin Related post Widgets for bloggers 1Main advantage of using Linkwithin widget is that you can show related posts with thumbnails easily.It also provide an option to choose the lite or dark background depending on the website background to completely match with your website background.You need not to register on their website like Outbrain but I will recommend Outbrain Related post widget because it will offer you 5 star rating on your articles and thumbs up like interactivity while linkwithin will not.

How Related link will decrease bounce rate of website?
If you are manually interlinking your content is good but if not than I will recommend you to use automatic interlink or manual interlinking content that will helps you to retain your website readers and visitors engaged on your site and prevent them to exit from your site.They will looking for another content right after reading the one instead of searching content on other website.You will also get extra pageviews with related links so and it is important in case of you are using eCPM advertisements on your blog.

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