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How labnol blog is generating billions of page views

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  1. Shafar says:

    Great review of Amit’s blog. I tried auto internal linking once but removed that plugin after a couple of days. Heard that it has got positive as well as negative impact. It’s worthless and irritating to the readers unless there is at least 1000+ posts to link each other! Otherwise the auto linking would be irrelevant.

    Amit and Darren Rowse were my inspiration to start up and blog. 🙂

  2. sid says:

    excellent job. Ofcourse,amit is really inspiration to newbies. But look at how much time he worked for getting his first page rank. Anyway great.

  3. Nizam Khan says:

    Well, internal linking is very useful and effective not only for SEO, but also it’s good to increase blog readership. Amit is no doubt an inspiration to the blogging community. Thanks Bhavesh for sharing this info 🙂

  4. Saurabh says:

    Yeah! Really Amit Aggarwal is having amazing mind. His posts helped me a lot in resolving many problems.
    I learn many techniques from his posts which is now benefiting me.
    Thanks for Sharing this post 🙂

  5. Kushal Azza says:

    Good post Bro 🙂
    I am much inspired by Amit Agarwal 🙂 He is the best right now, Most time I search some thing on Google, his one post link definately appear in Google SERP.

  6. Ashish Chandra says:

    Nice insight into Labnol. Most blogs adopt similar techniques but not many enjoy the kind of traffic that Amit does. Hats off for the greatest blogger of India.

  7. Retrify says:

    really man amazing job done by you to reveal those secrets of

  8. SuNiL says:

    Content is the key stroke. Amit’s articles are original. also he is using youtube for every post. His every post share traffic with the other post of the blogs. He is great blogger.