Recently I had written a stuff that was saying about  mashable traffic status from feeds.The topic was why mashable is generating too much traffic from social media & how mashable generates traffic from social networking sites.I think you enjoyed the post much and you had already implemented a social interactivity in your blog.Now this is a post about famous indian blogger that is generating millions of pageviews each month and obviously he is premium adsense publisher.

The case study is now abut labnol blog.Amit agrawal is the author of the blog and he has started a blog since a year 2004.He was on blogging platform and later realized that WordPress platform is more better to generate traffic and in SEO view so he migrated from blogspot to WordPress platform and both of the blogs with same name and even same blog theme.Blogspot blog name was and wordpress blog was can read more about him on his about me page.

The tips is generating more instant page views on the same blog without loosing the visitor from blog.I am a fan of him and found one SEO thing he do for his blog for generating more bunch of page views at the end of each day.

Here is the one page taken for case study.You can view the original page  and see how his blog is interlinked with each of the post he posting.

Labnol blog internal link structures

First he was using blogspot platform as I have already said and he still never missing any of his older post to backing with new one,so his old blogs generates same traffic as that of new one and due to evergreen content his post never thrown by search engine.The first clickable link included in this blog is to his older blogspot blog as I written in screenshots alos.The second link is also referring another post from his blog,so at the end of reading user will see 3 post that 1 was older post, another one is newer blog post and 3rd one is the current page.So one user will see 3 page at the same time and visitor must have to click on the link for tutorial purpose and even if he now want to learn he will click on the link due to attractive titled blog post.

Here is the another post taken from his older blog that is quite informative.I got a link building tutorial from him with this style of posting.

Related link to keep reader always on blog

The page has been tittled as “The Impolite Blogosphere Getting Tough for Women Bloggers“You can see the page for information.He sometimes add a permanent related link to the bottom of the post to keep reader on the another page of the same blog.So If he post about anything he tries to post minimum 4-5 article related with the same topic and generates instant page linking with each other.I have learned a lots of from his content even he did not taught me anything face to face.

Sometimes he adds massive internal linking with the resource page,so If user has view one page and after finishing instead closing website he starts with new topic on the same website.That’s called internal linking and search engine probably likes interlinked page because it believes the information is useful so crowing more fast than other blog.

Massive internal link building with blog

Now come to another view suppose 1 reader of his blog is reading approximately 5 pages by due to best interlinked page and original content, Now what is the original traffic to his blog for user.Lets count how many users are being online at the same time on website.I got one of his post he was explaining video tutorial about “Monitor Visitor Activity on your Site As-It-Happens “In that post he bymistake told the actual traffic to his blog.In screenshot we can see the actual online real time visitor was 352.So If one visitor will see approximately 4 pages, 352 users will ultimately generates 1408 page views for them.That was all about the traffic statues at one time and guess the visitor will never sleep because in India if there is night so there will be morning in US so guess his traffic will be remain same or more than 352 at the same times and generating page views for his blog and more the page views ultimately leads more Google adsense income.And as I told visitor never sleeps, your blog will be generating money for you for 24 hours restlessly and you will earn money even you are sleeping or walking or doing anything.

I made mistake during my blogging journey and so I learned lots of new thing for internet and blogger world.So I am sharing some of stuffs that will never let you to think to give up blogging job because it will do more than that you think in future.


  1. Great review of Amit’s blog. I tried auto internal linking once but removed that plugin after a couple of days. Heard that it has got positive as well as negative impact. It’s worthless and irritating to the readers unless there is at least 1000+ posts to link each other! Otherwise the auto linking would be irrelevant.

    Amit and Darren Rowse were my inspiration to start up and blog. 🙂

  2. excellent job. Ofcourse,amit is really inspiration to newbies. But look at how much time he worked for getting his first page rank. Anyway great.

  3. Well, internal linking is very useful and effective not only for SEO, but also it’s good to increase blog readership. Amit is no doubt an inspiration to the blogging community. Thanks Bhavesh for sharing this info 🙂

  4. Yeah! Really Amit Aggarwal is having amazing mind. His posts helped me a lot in resolving many problems.
    I learn many techniques from his posts which is now benefiting me.
    Thanks for Sharing this post 🙂

  5. Good post Bro 🙂
    I am much inspired by Amit Agarwal 🙂 He is the best right now, Most time I search some thing on Google, his one post link definately appear in Google SERP.

  6. Nice insight into Labnol. Most blogs adopt similar techniques but not many enjoy the kind of traffic that Amit does. Hats off for the greatest blogger of India.

  7. Content is the key stroke. Amit’s articles are original. also he is using youtube for every post. His every post share traffic with the other post of the blogs. He is great blogger.

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