We all know 14th January is kite flying day in India and everyone is up on the terrace to fly kites. It is also known as the festival of Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan. The wind was also very good so that everyone can fly kites easily & my elder brother brought so many kites to fly along with threads for us.

I personally feel that spending time with family is more important while traveling, running a business or enjoying. As a business owner, we eat outside, we go outside for traveling but what about our kids, wife & other family members? Why should we have all the fun? We should spare some time for our family & make them happy as well.

Even on some festivals or holidays, I come to the office sitting in front of the desktop the entire day until I switched my lifestyle. I started spending time reading books, watching seminars to grow personally & changed a few habits to make my family happy.

Happy Uttarayan

My elder brother’s family came to our home to fly kites & we enjoyed ourselves a lot. My both nephews were so excited to fly kites with me.

After that, I & my wife went on an unplanned bike trip to the city. Eating outside & shopping always come in our way when we go outside. Yes, she bought me a T-shirt & we drink lassi at Raja Dairy.

Raja Dairy Lassi in SuratWe came back home and spent a good amount of time with my baby Priyanshi and Vansh.

Overall, it was not a kite flying day but a memorable day that I have spent with my family. I always keep trying to spend as much time as I can with them & that’s why I am saving money + investing money + making new sources of passive income whole day, month, year & so on.

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I am currently working on editing my travel vlog, as I see so much work is pending. See you in the next blog post!