I am living in Surat, Gujarat and we all know that Surat has few beaches including Dumas beach, Ubhrat beach, Suvali beaches. Out of Dumas beach capture my attention as I read on a few travel blogs that they are saying it as a Haunted beach in Surat, Gujarat.

I have visited Dumas beach yesterday, prior to that, I have even visited that beach with my friends, family so many times but while reading online, I found that peoples are saying it as a haunted beach.

Dumas Beach Sunset by bhavesh sondagar

Yesterday I have gone there and I was there with my baby Priyanshi till 7 PM there on the selfie point. It was a great place to visit with family too & there are a lot of things you can do at dumas beach. I went there using my bike, as it was only 20 kilometers away from my home.

Things to do at Dumas Beach

Bike Ride: You get a bike on rent and drive there, they charge around 50-60 Rs(approx 1 USD) for a 1-time ride.

ATV Bike Ride: You can also get a quad bike on rent from there to enjoy riding it

Horse Riding: You can pay 50 Rupees(Approx 1 USD) for 1 ride on a Horse.

Camel Riding: You can pay around 30 Rupees(approx 0.50USD) there to get a ride on a camel.

Shared Boat Riding: The only thing I am thinking missing was a boat ride, as I could not find any boat ride on Dumas beach, which I have Enjoyed at Tithal beach, Valsad, Gujarat.

Grilled Corn: You can also find local corn sellers at the beach that you can enjoy with the masala.

A few more things you can do there on the beach is to play with sand but the mysterious black sand(Mud is the better word for it) there is wet and sticky so you can’t play with it actually. When I visited there, the water on the sea was far away from the beach point. You can see it from the picture below, we went far to the shore but water seems far away from us.

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For Shopping:

If you would like to go shopping, there are two big malls nearby Dumas which are

  • Rahul raj Mall
  • Central Mall
  • VR Mall

You can go for watching movies, eating food and many more things you can do at those Mall.

Dumas beach not clean - place to visit in Surat

Climate & Best Time To Visit Dumas Beach

At Purnima or Amavasya, you find the water coming to the shore. So the best time to visit Dumas beach is when Purnima or Amavasya if you love water or want to swim on the beach.

During the summers(March to June), weather is extremely humid and hot, during monsoons(July to September) you may see a rainfall, but the Winter(from October to February) is the best time to visit dumas beach. As the weather is more pleasant, especially at the time of sunset.

Beautiful Sunset at Dumas BeachWater at the beach is not clean, I think peoples of surat don’t understand how to keep nature clean, they throw away water bottles, plastic waste and even food they brought from their home away on the beach instead of keeping it clean.

Peoples visiting the beach should understand how to keep the beach clean and the government should also run some campaign or some kind of advertisement hoarding to make it clean. The government can make use of display ads board on the beach to make money from it, as there are so many tourists visiting that beach during holidays.

Dumas beach could be a more popular tourist destination in surat if tourists visiting there keep it clean & don’t throw their rubbish waste on the beach.

About paranormal activity on the beach

Many claims that on the beach, some spirit walks down on the beach at night, some websites have also reported strange noises, loud laughter or voices at the beach. Locals have also claimed that dogs behave strangely around the beach at night, whether fiction or fact, dogs can sense the invisible presence and start barking.

Also when you search in Google for India’s Most Haunted Places, you find Dumas beach listed on each and every website talking about it which is actually a copy-pasted thing from Wikipedia & another website. Exploring India (Youtube Channel) has made that belief wrong as they spent their time from 12:30 PM to 4 AM and didn’t found anything like paranormal activity, Horror things or ghosts at Dumas beach.

While according to the buddybits website, they found something different. But those horror stories about scary ghosts and paranormal activity at Dumas beach seems made up &  fake, just barking of dogs at night can scare the hell out of you!

Luxurious Hotels on the beach

10 years ago, there were very few hotels or places to stay on the Dumas beach, but The Grand Bhagwati was only 2 km away from Surat Airport, which is a very good place to stay. Most of the foreigners visiting the Surat, stay at that Hotel which cost starting around $100 per day & depends on the room you select.

Some other hotels you can choose are Courtyard by Marriott, After that, Ginger Surat, Rajhans Belliza and The Gateway Hotel Athwalines which are only 10km from Surat Airport.

If you are on the budget, you may also find cheap hotels on the Dumas beach as well, which will cost you $20-50 per night stay.

Attractions Near Dumas Beach

You can find Dariya Ganesh Temple on the beach, also you can find food stalls, pav bhaji, sweet corn & Chinese food on the beach.

Selfipoint at Dumas beach suratJust beside that, you can find a big wall made of stone where peoples take a selfie & you may find a lot of couples sitting there. You can see various food stalls & parking there just beside the long stone wall.

Selfie on Dumas Beach Dariya Ganesh Temple

Along with selfie, you can also sit on those stones to watch sunset scene at Dumas beach. You will feel relaxed when you sit at this place watching the sun, the sky & a horizon of the sea from there.

Sunset at Dumas Beach SuratHow to Reach Dumas Beach

Reaching dumas beach is quite easy, if you just landed on Surat Airport, you will find an auto or car on the Airport which takes you to the Dumas beach.

If you are on the Surat Railway station, it’s just 20km away and you can find a city bus that directly takes you to the Dumas beach at a very cheap price. You can hire a private rickshaw or car if you don’t like to travel with strangers.

Here is the map with a direct location to make things easier for you.


Dumas beach is the best beach that you can visit from Surat as it’s only a few km away. Dirt and waste at the beach made them dirty & seawater is also not clean. If you wanted to swim or want to take a bath on the beach, it’s not the perfect place.

Regarding rumors about ghosts seems fake stories, but watching the sunset sitting on the Dumas beach is actually fun.

Planning to visit Dumas beach?

Do share your comments below if you have any questions about it, I will be happy to answer them.