Nowadays there is various Internet Service provider available.You have subscribed limited data plan or unlimited internet data plan from your ISP to enjoy browsing.But have you ever tested your internet connection speed whether your ISP is providing broadband speed as per your data plan or cheating you? You run internet speed test online easily with this tutorial.

internet speed test
Ookla speed test is useful website provide you to check your internet speed online.The online tool let you check your uploading speed, Downloading speed with Ping test results.I am using You Broadband as my Internet Connection Provider. It shows the location of your ISP from your country along with sharing option that let you share your speed with your friends on Facebook & Twitter.

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All you need to do is just open the website and hit the scan button. It will automatically show you your uploading and downloading speed within a second. The internet speed checking tool helps you to check your browsing speed that you have promised by your ISP, and you have paid for.

How Internet Broadband Speed testing works?

Whenever you are going to check your internet speed with any tool, the tool sends some packets of data to their local server. The send data speed is counted on their website & it shows your uploading speed result. The speed testing tool sends you packets of data to be downloaded to your computer, and it measures your downloading speed. You can test internet speed quickly using this tool.

Speed Test Features

  • Check your current uploading & downloading speed online
  • Verify that you are being provided speed as per your data plan
  • Share your speed with your friends on Twitter and Facebook
  • No signup or login required
  • Android Apps is also available; you can also check 3G or 4G speed test using that app
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You can check your internet connection speed @ From Here