In this article, we will show you how to add watermark in Word file on your Windows Computer. Watermark is the best way to identify and label the documents, especially for private, legal or sensitive documentation. MS Word provides a six default Watermarks: “Draft”, “Sample”, “ASAP”, “Urgent”, “Confidential”, and “Do Not Copy.”  These are available in two orientations: diagonal and horizontal.

watermark in word

To insert a watermark on your document using MS Word, Click on Page Layout tab at the top bar of the MS Word.

After this, click on “Watermark” under the Page Layout tab. Here you can choose available watermark and also can apply by one click. If you want to remove the watermark in Word file, only you have to repeat this process then click on “Remove Watermark” option. You can also add your custom watermark or image watermark in your Word document file.

Using the MS Word, you can also add a custom watermark to insert in your document. To create your text watermark, click on “Watermark” option under the Page Layout section. Click “Custom Watermark” option from the appeared window. Custom Watermark option allow you to create different types of watermark that you can add to your document. Follow the instruction to add text watermark to your document:

How To Add Watermark in Word

Step 1: Open document using MS Word to add watermark

Step 2: Now Click on “Page Layout” tab on the top bar of the Word screen

Step 3: Click on Watermark option under the Page Layout section

Step 4: Now choose any one from the watermark list, you want to add to your document

Do let us know if you need any troubleshooting help in processing those steps above. You can also refer the video guide on How To Add Watermark in Word in 4 Steps that we published on YouTube.