Infolinks will now offer you a great opportunity to join the market of in text advertising or inline advertising which can further assist you in generating good revenues. If you are looking for Advertising for Websites or your blog, infolink will offer you opportunity to make money online.

There are several advertisers on the internet that can efficiently handle the URLs and keywords or key phrases in order to convert them into handy advertising links & provide you solution for Advertising on Your Website. And just guess, what is the greatest benefit of joining the infolinks? Well, it has got the vast and efficient advertising base in the whole world and apart from it; it will also pay you more on every click.

Infolinks Inc is different than chitika or Google Adsense. They offer text or banner advertisements while infolinks would provide you text link advertisement.If you compare your earning for Infolinks vs Adsense, you will see the difference, sometimes your infolinks earning will be more or equal to your adsense earning and good thing is that, you can use both Infolinks and Adsense together. In this post, you will learn about infolinks review.

In Text Advertising – Pay Per View advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising - In Text Ads for Websites by Infolinks
If your website has got some sort of quality and comprehensive content, the Infolinks will easily insert advertisements in the form of text links which is displayed in the form of hyperlinks that are doubly underlined. When any visitor will bring his or her mouse on the text link, bubbles with certain information will pop-up to inform him about your advertisement. At the same time, if the visitor clicks on the text link, he will directly allowed accessing the landing page of the specific website and in this way, you will earn some advertising revenue. However, if the mouse is removed from the hyperlink, the bubble will automatically disappear.

As far as the matter of reputation and efficacy of the Infolinks is concerned, it is treated as the biggest revenue generator and holder in the whole industry. There is no dearth of In Text advertisers on the internet but there is a big difference. Other advertisers just fetch you only some portion of revenue which may range between 40-50% but Infolinks can provide you with mammoth revenue share of 70%. It does not matter whether your blog is small or large, the revenue share will be independent of the size or popularity of the site.

Controls of Infolinks
There are several features and controls that are offered to the valued clients unlike the other In Text advertisers such as Adbrite or Clicksor. This advertiser has got the capability to underline picture’s caption, hyperlinks and headings. Apart from it, the users can easily change the color of the underlined text links apart from fully customizing the total number of Text links in a specific content or article. This facility of personalization is only available with Infolinks which proves to be quite beneficial in the long run.

Installing and joining Infolinks
If you are really interested in moving ahead with this Infolinks advertising concept, you can just sign up for the same. This is very easy and Free Advertising for Website. You will just have to paste a small set of code in your blog. On the other hand, if you are using the WordPress as your blog developer, the Infolinks also provide you with an excellent plug-in feature that will do everything for your setup. It will take only few minutes and your blog will earn money on unlimited basis. There are in fact, no such complicated requirements such as tax details and minimum page impressions. Acceptance is always on for all the countries.

Here is demo of Infolinks ads how they will be appeared on your blog. Check out the below video.


Summary: – Signing up with Infolinks Ads network is quite easily and free to get started for the In Text ads. The controls are simple and it also provides you with a separate plug-in if you are using WordPress for the blog development.

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  1. Hi Bhavesh, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing this information with your readers! I wanted to comment that Infolinks is no longer using a Pay Per Click model but now using a Pay Per View payment model. It’s really exciting stuff 🙂 Check out some of our latest blog posts for more information, and happy blogging.

  2. Hi Abhishek, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Actually, Infolinks is a known AdSense complement, meaning that it is 100% compatible with AdSense. Plenty of our publishers are also AdSense users and report back with positive feedback for double earnings. There is no problem using the two together, they’re a great fit.

  3. This is a good article for a starter like me in infolinks. Yes it can easily integrated on a site with adsense as Pamela said and some say they could compensate each other and say its not. I guess I’ll found it my self since i put both adsens and infolinks on my site

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