There are lots of influencing bloggers around the bloggosphere that really influence their readers with each of their posts.So whenever they are posting new post on their blog, their posts are retwitted thousands of times, stumbled and liked on Facebook thousands of times & hundreds of comments.All he is doing is just posting a simple resource that every bloggers are, but why is his posts are getting stumbled & liked for lots of time?

Unique content:

Well, the answer is quite simple, if you are having unique content that is not available in the internet world than your reader will surely share it on social media and you will get traffic from social media sites.If you are keeping posting on such unique contents than one day you will have around lots of unique content that is not available elsewhere except from your blog, so when organic visitors come your blog they will find it useful and share it.If your content is shared on other websites than lots of user will understand it but who have not understand your content will try to post comments on your blog that why this thing is so & bla bla bla…

Responding to comments:

When someone asks you a question on your blog by commenting, don’t be silent & happy that your got comment for your post but try to find the solution the user has asked and respond to him as soon as possible.This way your readers & commentator will think that you are helping them a lot and will try to post comments on each of your post & ask whatever they didn’t understand from your post.This way you are engaging your reader to keep visiting on your blog very often.You can install Subscribe To Comments WordPress plugin that helps user to subscribe comment.So whenever new comment has been posted on the thread on which they responded,he will again come to your blog to comment & read comment posted by other.This way you will get page impression from your readers as well as you will get returning visitors to your blog.

Make CommentLuv & Dofollow in comment section:

If you wish to get comments from most of your readers than you can make your blog commentluv or make all the links in comment section as Dofollow.There are lots of website owner who are in search of Dofollow comment blogs to comments on to increase their backlinks for their website.If they find the things in your blog, they will surely comments on your blog to get backlinks & you will get an extra returning visitor to your website/blog.If you are making your blog as commentluv/Dofollow than there is chance to getting a spam comments on your blog.However you can stop bots & spammers commenting on your blog by activating top WordPress anti-spam plugin.

Asking question/suggestion from your post:

After finishing your post, you can post a little line about asking some suggestion from your readers just like we had posted on Google I’m feeling lucky Tricks.Ask them to tell you if you have missed anything so reader will try to comment on your blog to correct you or suggest you because nobody is perfect in this world!!

Make commentating simple:

Try to make comment section simple,as lots of readers have no time to register or sign in on other website.Just add simple Website,Name and Email address box in your site so anyone can post comment on your blog.Never try to make your blog commenting only for registered user & never worry about spams comments if you have installed Akismate antispam WordPress plugin.

If I missed any method to increase comments on blog or you have tried any other method rather than here mentioned, please let us know by commenting in the comment section below.


  1. Hey Bhavesh nice explanation.

    Well I personally liked second point very much i.e. “Responding to comments”, every blog owner must give response to their readers comments because this shows that as a blog owner you respect your readers. For me commenting is not just for creating backlinks, its for relation building too. In the end relation matters a lot, if you treat your blog readers in a good way, then they definitely going to come to your blog again and again.

    Thanks so much for sharing a best stuff.

  2. i like “Asking question/suggestion from your post” ya this can shape one’s blog…nice post

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