Have battery consumption problem? Do your android consumes more battery than other phones? Battery Defender-Battery Saver android app is right for you.It helps you to maintain your battery quality of your android.

Battery Defender-Battery Saver - Android Apps on Google Play

It helps you to Extend your battery life! & after installing app, you will see the percentage battery remaining in percentage at the notification bar.You can also directly enable or disable WiFi, GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth & setting menu from the apps.When you choose the low battery notification, it will notify you when your battery has low power & you can customize after how much percentage battery remaining.

At the top, you will see the android battery temperature , battery health and voltage with batter remaining percentage.The green button turns white when you are disabling it by tapping on it.Apps whitelist allow you to configure the apps which should be kept running until network timeout.

The app is automatically disable WiFi and network connection after you turn your screen off.Sleeping time can be adjusted which allow you to disable all wireless connection  when you are going to sleep.

Battery Defender-Battery Saver Feature:

  • Disable wireless connection on sleeping mode.
  • Disable & unable WiFi, GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth & setting from the app.
  • Manage whitelist & configure it.
  • Recommended Android app from Ehowportal.
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  • Rating : 4.4/5.0

You can download Battery Defender-Battery Saver @ Google Play