I have heard so many times from lots of bloggers asking about How they can improve Alexa Ranking for their website.When I had started this website, page rank the Alexa rank for this website was around 12,000K and Now I improved my Alexa ranking up to 248K. Let me share my own experience what did I do to page rank & Alexa Ranking for my website. My goal is to take this website upto 4 digit global rank as per my new year resolution and I am working very hard on this.

Ehowportal Site Info at Alaxa

Why to improve alexa ranking?

-Alexa ranking is the rank system given by Alexa.com.It shows your website rank on Global as well as your local country. My personal experience says that alexa ranking is depending on your traffic as well as posting frequency. I maintained my blog by scheduling a post per 24 hours so that I can say it is updated at each 24 hours.No day I missed to post new topic on my blog,thats the secret of my alexa ranking improvement.

-Alexa ranking system is providing information about your website, how it is ranked globally and rank in your country. Lots of advertisers who are finding publishers looking mainly 3 criteria.First one is Google PageRank, Technorati Rank and Global Alexa Rank.Traffic will automatically follow those points.

How to improve Alexa Ranking of your Website?

1.Consistency: Alexa is update your website’s ranking automatically depending on your posting frequency and traffic.

2.Claim blog:  Some of bloggers has not heard about this.Claiming blog is similar procedure as if we are claiming our site for technorati or Google analytics.You need to add code provided by Alexa to your website & they will confirm you as owner of that blog.

3.Link Building: Try to build as many link as you can by commenting, Guest posting.This factor helps me always as I am posting atleast 4-5 comments on blogs I read.So ultimately you can increase your pagerank & Alexa Rank by link building technique.

4.Use Alexa: I was not previously using alexa widget on my blog.I thought I should try it, I added alexa widget on my blog and see my alexa rank improvement that day.It is worth trying.

5.Reviews And Ratings: Alexa review is similar to commenting but as you will get more review about your blog at alexa, your blog credit will improve. Alexa will think your blog has something important so as it get reviewed by users.You are most welcome to write review about Ehowportal.Update : Alexa review is no longer available on alexa.

Share your views about Alexa ranking system.Do you think blogging consistency can help to improve alexa ranking for website?Share your alexa rank by commenting on the comment section below.


  1. Insall ALexa toolbar on your friend’s computers and see your Alexa rank jump 🙂 . You will website which have more blogging traffic having great Alexa but not that much traffic

  2. Installing Alexa Toolbar , adding links to different sites and adding Google analytic codes and yahoo , bing etc. Removing broken links , increases page rank rapidly . Try it!

  3. Alexa ranking is pretty important I think – more so than Page Rank. But at the end of the day, what is good for SEO is good for Alexa, and the strategies that you outlined are good for any SEO purpose. Two birds with one stone!

  4. Reaching under 100K alexa rank is the dream for every new blogger and i hope that one day i will be there.

  5. My site is 5 months old and it had the ranking of 8,000,000+ while I start keeping trace. For the first three months my site was performing well and it kept progressing … I remember it was at 2,000,000 but all of a sudden it started to fall behind. Now the ranking is 4,500,000+

    I am providing unique, high quality content. But no clue why my site is performing poor lately… Am I missing anything? Any help will be highly appreciated.

    • I have checked your website and found one important SEO mistake in it.I have seen you are not building backlink for your website.Try to get backlink from higher pagerank website, so as you will get higher pagerank as well as better alexa rank for your website.
      All the best!!!

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