Update: Google has stopped Google authorship in search result page snippet. If you want to start blogging, you should check out this step by step tutorial to make money online blogging.

Recently I have posted about getting successfully verified Google authorship markup for Ehowportal blog. I had used lots of coding tricks on it but somehow it fails. I don’t know what was lacking but It was my mistake that I was not able to get it. Now I have implemented Google Authorship On Ehowportal successfully with WordPress plugin.

Google Authorship Widget

All you need to do is just install Google Authorship Widget from WordPress plugin gallery. The plugin helps you to easily embed your Google authorship on your WordPress blog. After installing the plugin, GO to WordPress Dashboard> Appearance >Widgets and drag Google Authorship Widget from available widget to sidebar of your blog.

Configure it properly with your name, Image, and Google+ profile URL. You can manually set up the image location to show on. After configuring, just save it on your sidebar and leave it for around 1 week. After some days, you will see your image beside search Results on SERP.

In my case, It took around one complete week to get verified on Google Authorship markup on Ehowportal.If you have already implemented it and got one, share your experience with us by commenting in the comment section below.


  • No coding required.
  • Add widget and configure it with your credentials.
  • Get your Google authorship markup verified for your site.

You can download Google Authorship Widget @ WordPress plugin gallery.