Looking for Google im Feeling Lucky Tricks ? Do check out few of the most popular Google im Feeling Lucky Tricks here in this article.

We all know Google has dominated all search engines. You can search anything with Google. On each occasion it creates a new logo for their it, There is no website or company in this world that changes their logo on each occasion. There are lots of people searching for anything on The Internet with Google but beside searching, it also provides some entertainment with their Doodle or sometimes with cool tricks. Here are some of the google gravity im feeling lucky tricks that you should try !!

1.Google Gravity

Google Gravity - Google im Feeling Lucky Tricks

It was newton’s thought that why apple has been fallen on the ground, but Google gravity experiment will give you similar experience with their website.

Just try Google Gravity from your browser and think like newton that why each content of Google is falling at the bottom.

2.Google Sphere

Google Sphere - Google im Feeling Lucky Tricks

Google sphere is almost similar experience,Just search for anything on the search bar & you will see the floating image in around the browser.

The Google Sphere is specially created for image only but funny experience.

3.Google Loco

Google Loco - Google im Feeling Lucky Tricks

If you want to see Google logo jumping & dancing than try out the google loco trick.The Google logo will start jumping & dancing as you type your search there.

4.Let it Snow

let it snow google im feeling lucky trick is Google experience that I found on this Christmas.When you are going to search “let it snow” without quote in Google, you can see snow falling effect right from your browser.


How Google is looking in mirror
elgoog im feeling lucky

Type elgooG in Google & click on Google I’m feeling lucky. You will see,how handsome Google looking in a mirror.

The funny thing is that whatever you are going to search will be searched from the last word to the first word.

6.Annoying Google

Annoying Google

It will really Annoy you because whenever you are going to search your query there, it will randomly convert your word into upper & lower case.

7.Epic Google

Google Epic

Epic Google is really awesome.I opened the page of the website & the size of Google automatically going to increase & increase.The real growth of Google can be seen from your browser.The size of the web page will be increased & finally, it will stop when it feels comfortable with your browser’s width & length.

8.Google Pacman

Play PacMan Game with Google Doodle

Did you ever played a game with Google logo?, If not then you can play Pacman Game with Google Doodle right from your browser.Just open it & play it.

9.Who is the cutest?

Do you know who is the cutest person in this world? if you really don’t know than you must know the name of the cutest person.Just search “Who is the cutest?” in Google without quote & click on Google I’m feeling lucky.You will come to know the person who is the cutest.

10.Google Rainbow

Google RainBow

We have seen a rainbow during the rain but a rainbow effect on Google logo is really awesome.Just search the “Google rainbow” in Google without quote & click on Google I’m feeling lucky.You will see all text of Google will start showing different colors.

Did you enjoy the tricks? Want more Google I’m feeling lucky tricks? here are the keywords you can play with other Google im Feeling Lucky Tricks from below.

More Google im Feeling Lucky Tricks

Type: Sexy Snape
Type: Google Magic
Type: ewmew fudd
Type: lol limewire
Type: Google Easter Eggs
Type: Who’s the cutest & Press pai button on right bottom screen *Warning! If you are under 18, please don’t click that button*
Type : googlegooglegooglegoogle (google 4 times)
Type : Google chuck norris
Type : Google Linux
Type: Atari Break Out

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If you know more tricks about Google, than share it by commenting in the comment section below.


  1. trick 1
    1. Go to Google
    2. Search For “Dhoni kisses ponting I m feeling Lucky”
    3.Click On The 1st link
    trick 2
    1.Go to Google
    2.Search For “Anna hazare is a terrorist i m feeling lucky”
    3.Click on the 1st link
    Anna is hero!

  2. I tried the let it snow thing but i seems that its not working any more, or i think its just because of the google location (i have google.co.ma) Thanks for the great post 🙂 keep on

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