Facebook is the biggest social networking website nowadays and billions of peoples have Facebook account.There are lots of peoples who are using fake account with other people’s name.Some of them use fake profile to investigate or keep attention on their lovers while some of them use fake Facebook account to cheat others.Here I would like to share some tips from which you will be able to identify fake Facebook profile your self.

How do you find the person who made up fake facebook profiles

1.Profile Pictures: Mostly of fake Facebook profile owners are using professional models and stars. Even if I have observed some of fake profiles contain original peoples photo on their profile picture. If you want to know if the profile is real or fake, just check out the profile pictures him/her.If  profile pictures are only one or two, you can consider the profile as fake in most cases. The main reason for having less profile pictures is they have only one or two images of that person.

Fake Peoples on Facebook

Most of fake female profiles having less images because they are not real.According to my survey, males tends to create more fake profile of women than men.While female uses less fake profile than males. You might considering blocking them from your account in order to stay safe from scam & report them to Facebook if needed.

Check out below video on How to Ban fake profiles on Facebook using below video.

2.Number of Friends: Second observation I did from lots of fake profiles are that fake profile owners are having lots of friends on their friend list. If profile owner is female than it have lots of male friends & if they are male than there will be lots of females on their friend list.

Actually famous personalities would have number of friends on their friend list is acceptable but local person having number of friends on his/her profile is not digestible matter. E.g. Mostly Dating Scammers on Facebook use fake ladies profile to scam peoples and ask them to purchase their affiliate products.

3.Joining date: When you come across with any profile that was recently joined with large number of friends, it might be Dummy Facebook Account, because no one will have 5000 friends in their list after one or two month’s of joining. It takes times to increase friends on Facebook.

4.Photo tag: Generally fake people would tag more peoples to their photo to like and comments.So checking their photo tag is another way to detect fake profiles or real profiles on Facebook. Facebook False Accounts will sometimes promote their products and tag as many friends of them as they can. This way they bring maximum exposure to their Facebook post. But you can easily check out such Temporary Facebook Account from their tag.

5.Profile Details: Most Faked Profiles on Facebook would not like to waste time to fill their profile details, so from their profile we can consider them they are fake or not.

6.Liked pages: Even if fake peoples are having large number of friends, they only spent their time on chatting.So they would have liked only 1 or 2 fan pages.From my observation, fake profile owner has liked less number fan pages as compared to real one.

7.Celeb Request: If you are added by a celebrity! Unless you are a celebrity please don’t add! If they are claiming to be a model or actress or anything like that, then they will surely have professional pictures on their album. You should always check Facebook verified tag on such celebrity’s account. Most Faked People on Facebook used celebrity’s pic as their profile picture to get maximum friends.

8.Status updates: Mostly fake peoples has never updated their Facebook status as compared to real peoples who are not updating their status on Facebook.

9.Photo Updates: Check out the status history of profiles. Mostly fake peoples are uploading adult images with nudity and so we can easily identify.

10.Online Time & activity: If you have unknowingly added someone as your friend on Facebook before & want to know if they are real or not just check out what they are doing. You can observer their online time & if you are chatting with them than check out their interest.

For Girls- If you are girl and some girl ask you to add her as your friend even if you do not know here.If they are taking too much interest in you and chatting with you all the times, you need to know that the person with girl account is fake because mostly girls on facebook would like to chat with boys, unless they are lesbi**s.

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For boys-If you are boy and some girl taking interest on you, chatting with you all the times, you need to check all the above parameters. Because someone of your friends might making you fool.

Most fake account on Facebook are of femals fake accounts as compared to males. fake account ratio of male: females are 25:75.However Facebook has real persons too if you can identify them.

The most important thing is that, Do not add strange peoples as your friends, unless you know them. Because most of peoples are creating fake account to cheat peoples, to make them fool and to make phishing attack on their account.

If you know any other trick to identify fake Facebook profiles, feel free to share your views in the comment section below. You can directly Report False Facebook Account to the Facebook using following steps.

If someone has created fake Facebook account using your personal information, you can directly report it to Facebook to verify their personal information or removing that profile from Facebook.

  1. Go to the impostor profile
  2. Click and select the option to report
  3. Follow the instructions for an account that’s pretending to be someone you know

If you doesn’t have a Facebook account, they’ll need to fill out this form. Please keep in mind that Facebook will only act on reports from the person who’s being impersonated.


  1. That was good information you shared but you know what I myself am a victim of fake profile…my picture was used in fake profile..i really don’t know why facebook is being so lineant about their user’s photos…the photos are not secured at all…you publish and then what …your friends can download it irrespective of your permission…i am sharing the pictures ofcourse i don’t want everybody to have my pictures… Facebook security is still very weak and i wonder why can’t they do much about it…

  2. you have describe very good points and it is very useful because of this fake id they have stole people pictures and their information.your this post aware people from this fake persons.thanks for writing this informative post

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