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How To Identify Fake Currency Notes

Detect Fake Indian Currency notes
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  1. please tell me where to click..i am not getting it… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Go to official website link provided at the bottom of the article and there you will find everything you want.

  2. Nizam Khan says:

    Wow! Really awesome service by RBI. Well, Just click on the given numbers on note and see the security features. And yes, slogan on homepage is really interesting. Thanks Bhavesh for sharing this excellent info 🙂

  3. Vijayraj Reddy says:

    Hi Bhavesh,

    A sensible and helpful post. Many of us still cannot figure out fake notes and differentiate from original ones. It is a tricky thing to make out. But a great initiative by RBI