Have you just started your blog? Now the next thing for you is to learn how to write content for a blog so that you can attract more readers for your blog.

Not everyone is good at something or have expertise at something. But everyone has something that they are expert in. I have started this blog in 2011 but worked less for my blog but I did a lot of freelance jobs online to make money. I did freelance article writing tasks, link building tasks in past for so many clients but later I decided, if I can work for others, why can’t I work for my self.

I again started working on this blog to make it a successful blog in 2019. If you are currently planning to be a freelance content writer, I would recommend you to start your own blog & create content for it. If you want to get some experience & you are just beginner, you can try content writing jobs online to get paid instantly, but save some money your self & invest it for your self like creating your own blog.

I have created a step by step guide on creating a successful blog & start making money blogging. Right now this course on blogging is available at FREE of cost, you just need to enter your email address below & I will guide you for the next 7 days to start with your own blog.

How To Write an Article for a Blog

I have put together this content writing for beginner’s guide so that you can start working on your writing task & nail it with your expertise skill every time. Let’s get started!


This is the very first step if you are planning to write at some topic. Make your own research on the topic you are writing about, check out what other peoples are saying about that topic for content writing. Note the important point & read everything carefully your self.

First of all, make sure what is the purpose of your content writing. Whether it is a copywriting job, or to drive traffic, lead generation or it’s a sales letter. Once you identify that thing, find out the trustworthy resources which have valuable & credible information on it.

Keyword Research

It’s an entirely a separate topic for content writing. Find out the best keywords for your blog that help you get more organic reach. If you are writing content for your client, you will get keywords to place in or some client asks you to research keyword your self.How to Write Article for Your Blog

If you are writing an article or blog post for your self, make sure you use Long Tail Pro tool to find out the low competitive keywords that are easy to rank. You can also research keywords manually for your blog but it takes time.


Since you have collected resources that you will refer, start reading them. If there is any book or reference or an expert you know, get information from them about the specified topic.

It’s not possible to get information from expert each and every time, but you can read their blog posts, their social media channels to know more about the topic you are writing.

Structure content

Next step is to structure your content. Find out main headings, subheadings, bullet points, required images, sources for your blog topic at one place. You can put them together in your notepad file or blog post editor & save it as a draft.

If you are writing SEO content, make sure you add your keywords in your title, headers and in content so plan your content accordingly.

Catchy Headlines

Whenever you write your content, try writing catchy headlines that grab someone’s attention & make them to click on your links. If you get them to click on your blog post’s title from SERP, the more chances that they read your content.

Start WritingWrite Article for Your Blog

Now you have everything that is required to start content writing. Start writing your content now as you have all the information you need in your mind & structure of content too.

Once you finish up writing, make sure you include proper paragraph, add relevant images with resources in your article. Make bullet points, images, paragraph wherever needed.

Include necessary keywords wherever needed, add alt tags in your images, write meta content & description(Only if you are writing a blog post)


Once you finish up everything, it’s time now to check your article for grammatical errors and fix them. You can read them manually or use a FREE Grammarly Chrome extension that helps you proofreading your content. Not everyone is perfect but we can make use of such tools to make our grammar & content writing perfectly as needed.

how to use grammarly

It’s very important to proofread content before sending them to the client or hit the publish button on your blog.

Do let me know in the comments, what thing do you consider before writing your article.