Have some work with MS word? Some maths? Want to type degree symbol in word, but don’t know how to type degree sign in word file? Do check out this interesting guide on How To Type Degree Symbol in MS Word.

how to type degree symbol
how to type degree symbol

In this article we will show you how to type degree symbol in Microsoft Word Document. We have a few method to type degree sign in MS Word document. You can also type degree symbol in MS Excel, Power Point Presentation. Here we have three method to insert degree symbol.

How to type degree symbol

There are few ways you can type degree symbol in word. Below are few of them.

Type Degree Symbol Using alt key

  • For typing degree symbol in MS Word document press and Hold alt key
  • Now Hold down alt key then type 0176 on the MS Word Document
  • After typing this code release alt key
  • Here you can see the degree symbol

>> Hold down alt + type 0176 then release alt key<<

Shortcut Keys to Type Degree Symbol in Word

You can type degree symbol by using some key combination on MS Word, it’s very easy to do. Check shortcut key to type the degree symbol.

Press the Ctrl + Shift + @ at the same time the press Spacebar 

Using alt + x to type the degree symbol

To type degree symbol in MS Word document you have to type unicode

  • Type 00B0 unicode the press alt + X key combination to insert degree symbol in MS Word  
  • Now release the combination key.

Do let us know how do you type a degree symbol in your word file? Do you know any other method on how to type degree symbol ? Feel free to share it by commenting in the comment section below.