Most of the people gamble to make instant money, fun or enjoyment. Some people think the gamble is one of the best ways to make money in a few hours. I would like to try a lot of good advice on this forum, and I would like to use some of the methods that helped me the first few months of my recovery, and I tried few things but some worked, and some did not work.

How To Stop Gambling

Story of one gambler

I put $200 on a food store gift card, and I could not redeem for cash, because of I had food for a month, and I am not worried about how I was going to feed myself.

When I cut up my credit card, my addiction fought me tooth and nail. I felt three things at once panic, relief, and regret. It was sobering and motivating.

I did not Gambling Games in the first week and i “paid” my myself $1.00 a day, I am putting that dollar in the piggy  bank every night, when I got home.

I Need to Stop Gambling & I just think about How to Stop Gambling Urge to Help with Gambling Addiction.

I avoid all of the things who Facts About Gambling to gambling, and I deleted every Gambling Sites from my computer and replaced them with solitaire games.

How to Stop Gambling Forever

Take a short break When you wake up and make a decision that you will not gamble for one day you have to promise yourself that you will not gamble. You stay on your pledge, and you have to stop everything about the casino and make a right decision that you will Stop Gambling on Your Own.

You keep the promise.  You have to replace all of the things about gambling like go shopping, do exercise, go out with friends and do something fun and enjoy your life or do some cooking.

You can also go for a movie and listen to some music or do some reading like comics, jokes, etc. you have to take yourself busy because your goal is How to Stop Gambling Forever, but it’s not easy when you get such a high from it.

If you remember the bad feeling like you lose a lot of money in a casino, online and through betting. You have to educate yourself about gambling, Especially about your particular type of gaming. When you read about the gambling addiction, you may think about out and placing a gamble.

You have to find help like books or courses. Joining an online Gambling Addiction forum.Even if you not join, read the other people’s stories may help you and realize that you are not alone. You realize that you are not only person with this problem and share your problem with Gambling Addiction forum.

Find a support group and give them Stop Gambling Tips  & attend a Gamblers meeting for group support and you do not want to go any program, you have to one last option for recovery gambling addiction there is an online program called quick recovery.

First, you ask your close family member to handle money, you do not have money for yourself, you will be less gambling. It’s hard, but it is a major step in your recovery. You do not allow yourself access to ATM card and credit card.

Just keep a small amount of cash with you, so you are not going to spend the money on gambling. List the cons of Gambling Pros and Cons of quitting and think about how your gambling has affected your life in a negative way. Write about how your life will change for the better when you Stop Gambling on Your Own. Make a financial plan, ask for advice about your financial problems caused by your gambling. Your financial problem is the biggest consequence of your gambling.

Get a good counselor for your addiction and talk to a person about your problem. If your addiction is severe and you need a much support of mentor for stop your Gambling Addiction now. Gambling is one of the dangerous habit because it’s related to suicide. Find help and make a plan to quitting gambling addiction, take it few day and keep in mind how great you will feel when you stopped gambling with yourself.

Learn New Skills

If you have a time that you want to spend on playing there, but you want to stop. You can learn new skills instead that will ultimately beneficial for you. E.g. Try popular ways to make money online or learn to blog & start making passive income from your blog. This way, you are earning money instead of wasting them at gambling. =

Support Organisations

  1. National Gambling Helpline
  2. GamCare
  3. National Problem Gambling Clinic
  4. Gordon Moody Association
  5. Gam-Anon UK and Ireland
  6. National Debtline
  7. Money Advice Service
  8. Citizens Advice Bureau

Other Support Organisations

  1. Gambling Therapy
  2. National Domestic Violence Helpline
  3. Respect Phoneline
  4. Drinkaware
  5. Samaritans
  6. mind

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    Though I was never addicted to gambling and I never did. My friend is quite addicted, but the good thing is he/she somehow get out with making profit out of it. But I do suggest him/her to leave it back in life. And I will definitely suggest him to read this blog, hope it works. BECAUSE you know, your luck may run out one day and when you fall from top there you fall hard.

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