Whenever you heard about blogging & making money online, the first preference you heard from many is Google Adsense. It’s actually first because so many bloggers rely only on Google Adsense income. It’s the best contextual advertising programs run by Google & it’s recommended to signup for Google Adsense account if you are just starting your blogging journey.

I have applied for Google Adsense back in 2008 & it was rejected around 10-11 times. At that time, I was just starting my blogging journey and learning blogging. I didn’t know the criteria of Google Adsense approval or how to set up a Google Adsense account. I took the help of my friend to get approved to start using Google Adsense & I got approval. I love Google Adsense & using it on many other niche sites that I own.

There are other ways to make money online but Google Adsense is the best way to get paid via Blogging. Let’s have a look on step by step guide to getting approved with Google Adsense.

Create an AdSense account

How to Crate adsense AccountThis is the essential guide for beginners & newbie bloggers who are not sure how to apply for Adsense account.

For your kind information, there is a couple of requirement to be fulfilled in order to get approved by Google Adsense.

  • You will need a website/blog
  • Your age should be 18+ or you can apply with the name of your guardian/parents

Setup your Blog

If you don’t know how to create a blog, you can check out this step by step tutorial to create your own blog for cheap. Also, I have created an email course which will help you to get started with your blogging journey to making money online from your blog. If you would like to participate in this FREE blogging course, you can enter your email address below.

Before Applying for Google Adsense

If you have ever applied for Google Adsense site previously & you get rejected, you may probably be missing something.

Site Navigation

Before your Apply for an Adsense account, make sure you have About us page, Privacy Policy Page, Contact Us pages that are essential.


Make sure your site has at least 10 articles with proper images & content with 500 words or more. Don’t copy & paste content from other websites as your blog will get rejected & your site may panelized by Google in such a case. So make sure the content on your website is of your own. If you don’t know how to write good content, you can hire a Freelancer from Fiverr to write content for you or you can write content your self.

If your site contains the following themes, articles or pages, it is better to remove it. As you may not probably get approval with these kinds of content or niches.

  • Pornographic or Sexual Content
  • Hacking, Cracking or Software download
  • Guns & Weapons
  • Malware or Phishing
  • Gambling, Casino, Poker
  • Pharma or Drugs

Or any other kind of illegal kinds of stuff. So if your website’s niche is any of the above, you may not get approval. There are a lot more niches you can choose from. If you find any difficulties in finding a niche for your blog, refer this guide to selecting a profitable niche for your blog.

Google Analytics

It’s actually an optional step but the more Google knows about your blog, the more chances of getting approval fast. You can add Google Analytics to your site, so that it will know the traffic sources, Direct, and Social sources traffic to your blog.

To get faster approval, make sure your blog is already getting some traffic & visitors regularly. So that Google can see your blog as live, not a dead blog.

You can not immediately apply for Google Adsense account as soon as you create your blog. The reason is that you will not start getting traffic immediately after launching your blog. At least it has some content that user loves, your blog gets traffic etc.

Remember, Google will need your blog readers to click on their ads. But if your blog is not receiving traffic, they will not approve your blog.

Top Level Domain

This is a very important step. Top Level Domain means yourname.com, yourname.org or something like that. If your blog is on subdomains like acb.xyzname.com or similar, the chances are getting rejected.

You can also get Adsense approval using Blogspot domain name but if your blog is getting some traffic regularly. Otherwise, you can use this tutorial to get a FREE domain name & setup your blog on Bluehost to apply a new Google Adsense account.

Domain Age

Previously a blogger needs to wait for at least 6 months after they register a new domain name and start their blog. But I have seen some blogs with high-quality content get approval before that if they apply. The reason is the blog is high quality & already getting a lot of traffic.

Before you apply for a new Google Adsense account, make sure your blog is 6 months older or your site has a good quality content that is already driving traffic from organic as well as social channels. You can try affiliate marketing or Google Adsense alternative & creating quality content if you want to earn a quick buck, but your blog must receiving traffic to get started. Here is a guide to driving more traffic to your blog.

Site Layout & look

You should check your website, do you like the content, logo & pages that you created? If you don’t get an idea, share your blog URL with your friends and ask their feedback, did they like it? What you can do to improve that layout.

If you are on WordPress self-hosted blog, get some premium WordPress theme or Free work as well. But make sure it looks good when opened.

Use Real Information

When you Signup for a new Adsense account, make sure you use your personal information that is 100% correct. If you signup with Adsense using false information & they catch you, either your account is disabled or your account will not get approved. After all, you will be earning from Google Adsense, so you will need to provide your real information.

They send Google Adsense PIN to your registered address once you reach $10 amount to verify your address. If you are not receiving Adsense PIN to your address, they will ask you for your identity proof so that they can manually approve your Adsense account.

It’s necessary to have correct information on your Google Adsense account to avoid confusion or problems later at the time of receiving money.

Steps to Create Google Adsense Account in 2019

Once you have everything ready from before you apply step, you are now ready to signup for your Google Adsense account. Google has made a lot of changes in their google adsense sign up form in 2019 & made easier to signup, so you are enjoying the latest 2019 guide to creating an account with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Signup Page

google adsense sign up process 2019

Once you click on Signup Now button, you will see a simple form to be filled. You will be asked to enter URL of your website & your email address.

Make sure you enter your website address correctly & your email address too. You will get a confirmation email on this email address about rejection or approval process.

create adsense account process

If you want to get help & suggestions from them, you can check Yes box, else no. I would recommend No button as you will get a lot of emails from them which you never actually read. If you still wish to receive their emails, you can check Yes & click on the Save and Continue button.

Creating/Associating Google Account

google adsense account login page 2019

If you don’t have Google Account, you can create a new Google account from there. If you have a Google account already, you can sign in to your Google account using Sign in Instead option. If you use sign in instead option, it will associate your Google account with that email address if approved.

I am using Sign in Instead option as of now, as I have already Gmail account that I want to associate with this Google Account.

how to create adsense account in 2019

Once you login to your Google account, it will ask you to select your country or territory.

create google adsense account country

Select your country from the dropdown list & proceed towards next step.

google adsense account signup process

Once you read that Google Adsense policy guidelines, click on create account button to getting started.

Once you select that button, you will now be taken to your Google Adsense account page where you have to enter your personal information for Adsense registration process.

Filling up Profile

Google Adsense Account Created Successfully

Enter your name, Address, Phone number like details of your own & click on submit button there. Make sure you enter your mobile number as mobile number verification is mandatory to get Google Adsense Approval, else it will ask you to enter your mobile number again for verification.

Phone Verification

Google Adsense Approval Verification

Once you verify your mobile number, your account was created successfully.

Google Adsense Account Verification

Once after this process gets finished, they will take you to the success page & you will be provided a code that you will need to place on your website/blog.

Connect your site to Google Adsense Account

It will ask you to connect your site to Adsense by placing the code on your site between the <head> and </head> tags.

Just copy that code & login to your web hosting account > Select File Manager

Adding Adsense Code to Blog

If you are on WordPress self-hosted on Bluehost, you will need to follow the steps.

Open Bluehost CPanel File Manager

Now go to the following path public_html/YoursiteName/wp-content/themes/ThemeName/header.php

Here YoursiteName & ThemeName are your site name & site’s theme name. Open header.php file & find out <head>, now Place that copied code just below that code & save that file.

Google Adsense Code to Blog Header File

Once you place your Google Adsense code on your blog’s header & save it, now check out the Google Adsense account creation page again to finish the process.

Finalizing Adsense Account

Google adsense approval Process

Now click on I have pasted the code into my site & click on Done button to move forward.

Create Adsense Account

Once you click on the done button, you will see activating your account page & confirmation email on your Gmail account about your Google Adsense account.

They will review your website/blog & get back to you with approval message on your email address. If your Google AdSense account is rejected, you will see a reason on your account. But if you have followed the steps carefully that I have listed on Before Applying for Google Adsense, most probably you will get confirmation from them about your site has been approved for Google Adsense.

I hope this tutorial has helped you on getting started with signing up with a new Google Adsense account in 2019. I hope your account gets approved by them and you will start making money with your Google Adsense account & blog.

If you are still not sure how to start a blog & make money from it, I have created a FREE course for you that will show you a step by step process of creating your blog to making money from it. You can enroll in this FREE course by entering your email address below.

Have you ever Applied for Google Adsense account? Was it approved by them or rejected for some reason? If you are facing any difficulties in signing up with your Google Adsense account, leave your comment below.

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