Utility bills can be very high if you don’t use them properly. It’s common that electric bill is more than the yearly average monthly bill during spring & summer month. Average monthly bills can be around $40-$50 during winter time but they go highest up to $200 during summer months. I have tried several ways to lower our utility bills during hot months as well.

How To Save on Electricity Bills at HomeThere are so many things you can do to save money on electric bills or gas bills at your home. Here are the suggested things which I have done or want to do:

  • Unplug gadgets like charges, computers when you are not using them
  • Switch to LED/fluorescent light bulbs that use less voltage
  • Switch off light/fan when not in use or you are in another room
  • Turn off the water tap when not in use, as it consumes electricity bills to get water to the upper water tank on your terrace.
  • Keep watching your utility bills for usage & amount. My electric company made the mistake of sending a higher bill when I checked usage of units vs billed unit, there was a huge difference because of mistake of unit reading person. So make sure you check actual unit usage vs billed unit to avoid overpaying bills
  • I use coupon websites to get cashback. E.g. Google Pay, Freecharge & PayTM which usually offers 5 to 10% as a cashback or shopping coupons upon paying Utility bills with them.

Try to install a solar panel on your house, which costs around $2000-$3000 depending on the size. You pay some downpayment & get them at 0% finance loan. Monthly you pay the amount as an installment which is almost similar to the electric bill you are paying for the next few years and your electric bills go down to almost zero.

Installing a solar panel is on my wishlist, as I am currently living in a rented home. We have our own home but we have rented it to make money from it which is also paying our home loan & our current home rent. Also, solar energy is green energy that does not affect your daily routine activities so think about it. If you have space at your terrace, install solar plates and get rid of paying the highest utility bills.

Do you have any other tips to save on utility bills? Share them in the comments below.