You are facing the slow performance issue on your Windows 10 based computer or laptop and want to clear junk file from your computer system then you are at right place. Here we have mentioned whole details about how you can clear all junk, temp and other unwanted files from your computer system. Clearing process of the junk files is quite easy and simple that means everyone can do it without any problem.

How to Remove Junk Files from Windows 10

In this method, you have to click on the Start button of your Windows 10 computer. In the Windows Administrative tool, you will find the Disk Cleanup tool that allows you to clear all junk files from selected drives. Once you’ve opened the Disk Cleanup tool on your computer. You have to select the drive then click on OK button to start that process.

Here is the list of some junk files which you can delete to free up computer space

  • Temporary files
  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Recycle Bin
  • Thumbnails
  • Offline Webpages
  • Unused Files and Folder

Method 1: Using the Disk Cleanup tools

Follow below-mentioned steps to clear all junk files from your computer system
Now just follow below-listed steps to clear all type of junk files from your whole computer system. This is quite simple and easy, so anyone can use this method to clear junk, temp, cache, etc files easily without any problem.

  • Step 1: From your desktop screen, click on Cortana icon that you will find on the right side of Start button
  • Step 2: Here you have to type Disk cleanup and hit the enter key
  • Step 3: On the computer screen, you will see new popup window of Disk Cleanup tool
  • Step 4: Now use drop down option to select the drive (Here you can select any drive which you want to clear)
  • Step 5: After selecting the drive click on “OK” button to start the analyzing process
  • Step 6: After analyzing the drive, then a new popup window appears on the screen

Here you can see all the junk files that you can delete to free up your drive space, so tick mark on the files to select and then click on the “OK” button.
You are done!

Method 2: Using Command line

In this method, you can clear or delete all temporary files on from your computer system using the commands. Only you have to open a “Run” window on your computer system then type below-mentioned commands and hit the “Enter.” So follow below-mentioned steps to delete temp files from your computer.

  • Step 1: Open a “Run” program on your Windows 10 computer
  • (To open run program, press the “Window+R” key combination)
  • Step 2: Type “%temp%” command in the box and hit the Enter key
  • Now new popup windows will appear on screen, in this window you can see all Temp files which you can easily delete or clear from your computer system.
  • Step 3: Again, press the “Window+R” key combination to open “Run” program
  • Step 4: Type “TEMP” command in the box and hit the enter
  • Again on screen, new popup windows will appear, here you have to clear all files using the delete option
  • Step 5: Now Again open “Run” Program then type “prefetch” command and hit the Enter key

One more time, a new popup window will appear, now select all files and use delete option to clear all files

You are done.