It’s a dream for everyone to travel to the world but only a few can make this happen.

It’s true, it needs a lot of money to travel, to stay and for the food obviously, but how about making money while you travel? It makes your travel easier for you and you get paid to travel, so you don’t have to worry much about your traveling expenses.

Make Money While Travelling the World

It’s long term plan, so if you are just switching your lifestyle from 9 to 5 jobs to a travel blogger, you can’t make money immediately, but definitely in the long run. I have recently decided to change myself from a desktop guy who sits the entire day in the office to a travel blogger, but all you need is money to travel. Hopefully, I have developed few passive income sources which help me to make money even when I am sleeping or doing anything.

Travel Blogging & making money

If you are doing a regular job or work & want to travel the world, you could do it too. Just save money for travel, plan a trip to a place & enjoy your holidays. It will take a lot of time-saving money for travel, as you have other family expenses as well, so you should manage your money well to save more to fulfill your dream.

Another option to save more money is to do a side hustle, like blogging. Make a travel blog & create your honest review of the places you visit.  If you don’t know about blogging and want to get started with blogging at just less than $3/month, I have created a free 7-day blogging course that helps you to get started with your own blog and make money online as a side hustle. You can join that course by entering your email address below.

Freelance Content Writing

My blog & its content are the showcase of my writing which helped me to get freelance content writing tasks from various agencies in the past. Content writing was one of the biggest income source for me in past, However, I don’t work as a content writer anymore, but if you are just starting, it will be a good option to write for another blog & make money as a freelance content writer.

Grammarly helped me a lot when I had worked as a freelance content writer & I am still using it. As it suggests you grammatical mistakes when you write it and you can easily fix them. It’s a handy tool for content writers.

Freelance Content writing Jobs

You get paid to write content, which may be ranging from $20-100 depending on many factors like, the country you are belonging to, content niche, research needed to write content and many more factors. It helps you to travel across cheap countries & you get to experience as a content writer, eventually, you can raise your rates to make more money from your skill.

Be a Virtual Assistant

Working with a more established blogger always helps you to get experience from them, this helps you be more effective with your own blog. You can be a virtual assistant for any established blogger by developing a relationship with them. It can be developed by an in-person meeting, chat, email or any convenient method to talk with them.

You can even outreach bloggers which inspired you or you read their blogs on a regular basis. Just email them to see if they are looking for outsourcing any work from their daily tasks or not. Many bloggers need help frequently but they make use of Fiverr like freelancing platforms from where they get freelancers to work for them.

Google Adsense & Affiliate Marketing

Once you have started your blog, the next thing is to create informative content that actually helps users. Also, the next task should be monetizing your blog so that you can earn money from it.

I have been using Google adsense since last 2010 & started with affiliate marketing a few years after that. You can’t get rich overnight, but this is a gradual process, you can check my Google adsense report screenshot below to see how I was doing when signed up for Google adsense account. Only a few cents a day, but you keep adding more content means you keep building assets that help you generate passive income in the long run.

Google Adsense Income

I recommend you to place ads and monetize it when you get started with getting traffic to your blog. Write content that actually helps users and users are searching for those questions.

You get paid when someone clicks on your ads if you monetize your blog using Google adsense & you get paid when someone purchases using your affiliate link if you have monetized your blog using affiliate marketing networks like Flexoffers, ShareASales, ClickBank or Amazon Affiliate program.

Amazon Affiliate Earning

This is the biggest source of passive income for me nowadays, as I have already developed a partnership with popular affiliate networks, getting sales for them and making money. This income will surely help to meet my traveling expenses.

Selling your Photos

This will be the best option to make money when you travel, as you are visiting new places every day. Depositphotos like site help you to sell your beautiful photos online & you get paid when someone buys your photos or use them from a subscription.

Photography is the most essential part of travel blogging, you get play with your camera, practice editing your captured photos & place them on Instagram. It’s a great marketing tool, you can also get paid work from your Instagram photos too. It works like your photo portfolio if you have good photos captured & posted on Instagram. But note that, you can’t get paid work from your first photo, you need to do a lot of work, the opportunity will come automatically to you.

Monetize Travel Videos

Travel bloggers capture a lot of photos, selfies. You can actually create a video of your travel journey & post it on YouTube. YouTube allows you to monetize your videos using Google Adsense when you reach 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours watch time on your videos. I will be making my travel videos as well & post it on YouTube. Youtube Income

You can check the above screenshot for one of my YouTube channel where I create videos and making money from it. Likewise, you can record the videos of your travel journey & monetize it with Google adsense to make money when you travel.

Make Money While Travelling The WorldIt can also be a long-term approach, you make a great video & be consistent in your effort building more audiences on YouTube. Few popular YouTubers making their living from YouTube money & it could be another passive income stream.

Paid campaigns

Eventually building your audience on social media channels, you may have paid opportunities comes in your way. Sometimes, you get free tickets to travel, sometimes you get a free trip along with cash in exchange for a certain amount of deliverables.

Is it sounds like a dream?

Yes, it is. 

I am not into this yet, as I don’t have that much audience but I am currently working on building my audience & preparing my self for this. All they need is the value you provide to your audience. There are no secret sources to get this kind of opportunity, all you need to do to continue developing amazing content & be consistent in building more audience to your blog, videos or social media.


This is all I know about, I am not an expert but still, I try to learn as much as I can & implement new things on my way to travel full time. You can check out my travel journey from here.

Are you a travel blogger? Do share your comments in the comments section on how you make money while you travel. I would love to connect with you.