Looking for how to earn a living from blogging? Want to know how do bloggers make money from blogging? On this page, I will show you some of the best ways to make money blogging.

This guide is recommended for those who have started their blog, but if you haven’t started your blog and want to jump into fulltime blogging profession, you should first know what is the best way that helps you earn from blogging.

How to Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money BloggingMy Blogging Story

Just a few years ago, I didn’t know what is blogging. In 2011, I started this blog I didn’t know anything about this. I read several blogs, setting up WordPress blog and many tutorials even I was not a technical person, I learned everything in installing, setting up a blog, onpage SEO, offpage SEO, and link building techniques to rank the blog.

I was doing a full-time job and doing part-time blogging, once I started earning amount which I was earning from my job, I left the job to choose full-time blogging. I have tried many affiliate programs, CPM ads, Google Adsense, Sponsored Posts, YouTube and many more thing in my blogging journey.

I had not earned a single penny for more than 1.5 years & I was still surviving to earn some money. But gradually in time, started making good money and my income grew, it was not an overnight success but it took a lot of time during which a lot of patience needed.

Create a Plan if you want to become a full-time blogger

Want to quit your job & become a fulltime blogger, you should make your plan & budget first. Because currently, you are relying on a job or active income that you get monthly, but when you spend your time creating a blog & learn how to blog, you will not earning anything.  So it is better to have a plan before you quit your job.

  • How you will make money from blogging
  • How much money you will need to quit your job
  • When you want to leave your full-time job
  • Have you saved money as an emergency fund
  • Financial plan & much more

Creating such a plan will help you to stay on the safe side instead of getting into debt. Think everything about your financial life & everything before you quit your job for blogging. It’s serious!

Find a topic to blog on

I always recommend starting a blog on the topic that you are passionate about or something else that you are expert in. So you will enjoy sharing your blog post instead of a chore.

You can blog about any topic that you think you have detailed knowledge about. Take a note pen and write some topic which you think you can write about without researching on the Internet.

That’s the beauty about having a blog & you can monetize any niche(category), so don’t worry about monetizing it.

Let me explain to you about choosing a topic like a Lifestyle, Fashion, Shopping, Wedding, Small business, Food, Travel, Relationship and many more.

You can create sub-topics like debt, budgeting, extra income under the Finance category. Likewise, any subtopic that fits your topic can be created and blogged about.

Start your own blog

I recommend you to start your blog as a part-time first. Once you see regular income coming to your bank from blogging, you should start thinking about leaving your full-time job.

I quit my job in 2015 when I saw the amount of money that I was earning a full-time time job was nearly equal to my blogging earning.

Good thing is that starting a blog is affordable & easy. You don’t need more technical skills to have when I started this blog, I didn’t know how to set up domain and hosting. But I watched many tutorials and read blogs to find out the thing. Luckily, I am with you to help, so you don’t have to spend time on this much thing.

To become a full-time blogger, you will need to actually start one as a part-time! You can start a blog for less than $3 a month, which are quite less than the money you spent on eating out or watching movies in a theater. If you are new to blogging & want to learn more about blogging, I have created an online blogging course FREE for you. Just leave your email address below to getting started with creating your own blog.

Post Quality & Informative Content

What a blog needs to make money is to have high quality & problem-solving content. If is a key step if you want your readers to come back to read more content on your blog.

  • You will want to write the content that helps people, proof-read your writing. If you don’t like reading your own content, then other probably won’t as well.
  • Research: Research everything on which you are planning to write about. You should create in-depth quality content so that your readers won’t have to look any other content
  • Engaging Content: Write an engaging content that makes reader reading more from your blog, instead of writing content in robotic style. Make it personal and share your views, feedback about anything that your blog is on.
  • Writing Style: Develop your own writing skill to stand out from the others. Try posting evergreen content that never dies. Try to make your content grammatically error free, you can use Grammarly to proofread your grammar from your content.
  • Updating old content: Not only post the content but update your content frequently and repost it. Some content gets outdated with the passage of time, but updating them means you will get more traffic when you repost it. Plus, search engine loves content that gets updated frequently.

A network is your net-worth

Networking is very important, especially when you want to become a full-time blogger. Many bloggers see other bloggers as their competitors, yes it’s true. But try to learn something from them. Attend the blog conference, make blogger friends and share your knowledge too.

Ways to Monetize your blog

How to Be a Full-time Blogger & Make MoneyNow you will ask for, how can I monetize my blog. It’s an obvious thing when you are a full-time blogger, all your money comes from the blogging efforts you make There are so many ways you can monetize your blog and start making money from your blog.

Here is how to make money from a blog:

  • Display Advertising income
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blog Sponsorship
  • Create your own products/service

Display Advertising Income

Advertising income is the income that you make from display advertising like Google Adsense, Chitika, Media.net or Infolinks. Display advertising is all the advertising banners that you place on header, footer, sidebar or below the title or like this.

From my personal experience, Google Adsense works best with low pageviews too.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has a lot of scope in the future too, because the number of Internet users is increasing & craze of online shopping makes it even more. You can signup for various affiliate programs & start recommending products that you use.

Affiliate networks like ShareAsales & Clickbank offer a good commission rate & signing up with an affiliate account with them is totally FREE. Amazon affiliate program also offers a good commission rate and most of the bloggers and affiliate marketers start with it.

Blog Sponsorship

Once you start receiving traffic to your blog, you will be contacted by various brands regarding paid advertisements and sponsored blog post in exchange for money. You can also reach out to them directly by using their email address. But they will ask you to show proof of your blog’s traffic, your followers and then sponsor a blog post on your blog.

It can be a sidebar link, banner ads, advertisement in your newsletter or even a sponsored review.

Create your own products/service

You can also offer a service from your blog or sell your products online by setting up a shopping cart on your blog. If you have a physical product to sell, Install Woocommerce plugin & make your blog as an eCommerce store. If you launch a course or ebook, you can also start selling it online from your blog.

How long does it take to get started making money blogging?

This is the most common questions asked by newbie bloggers, but there are no specific answers to it. It looks around 1.5 years for me to reach my first $150 payment. The main reason for taking this much time is I learned everything by referring different sources & I could not find a platform from where I can learn everything at one place.

I have faced this problem and it took a lot of time for me, but I decided to share everything on this blog for my readers so that you don’t have to look for any other sources to make money online with your blog.

If you get someone to teach you, you can directly learn from their experience instead of wasting your time in learning.

I am here to help you with your blogging journey. It’s not an overnight success or gets rich quick scheme but if you are serious about it, you never know what it may turn into. This all depends on your efforts you put into it, that may be from starting a blog, monetizing your blog to getting traffic to your blog posts.

I hope this detailed guide on making money on how to become a full-time blogger and make money has helped you. If you have any questions about blogging and making money online, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.