KEYWORD is an important factor in making or breaking the image of a website. It not only shows the type of content in it but also aids in attracting the right customers for it. It is a significant part of Search, Social media and Content marketing. This little representation of one website in a pool of competitors is not only to acquire a lot of visitors rather having ‘right type of visitors’. Following are the steps through which you can judge the value of your keywords:

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How to Judge The Value of Your Keyword

  1. Check out the Worth Yourself

Firstly assess the worth by checking whether the keyword fits right on your website’s idea or not? Will the visitors be able to find the right information they are looking for? Can your web site please your visitors? If all the questions answer you a YES then the first step clears by making your keyword a good shot initially.

  1. Search For The Required Terms in the Search Engines

Understanding fully which website already ranks for your mentioned keyword gives you helpful insight into the opposition, and also how tough it will be to rank for the certain term. Are there search adverts running along the top as well as the right hand side of the organic results? On average, a large number of search adverts mean a high value keyword  as well as multiple search adverts above the organic results frequently means a highly rewarding keyword.

You can use SEOPressor WordPress Plugin to find the best LSI Keyword & it would help you for LSI Keyword Research inside your post. You just have to add seed keyword on your SEOPressor widget and it would display you relevant LSI keyword that you can use inside your post to get ranking on SERP.

Another best SEO Keyword Software I found is Long Tail Pro. Which would help you to identify long tail keywords for your niche blog along with keyword competition that will help you to get indexed in top ten for specific long tail keyword.

  1. Opt For A Sample Campaign for The Keyword at Google Adword

If a website doesn’t rank then choose ‘test’ traffic to evaluate how well it can work. In Google Adwords, you are required to choose the ‘exact match’ and then point the traffic to the page. Check the click rate which if goes up 2-300 clicks then your website will go up. Google Keyword Planner is one of the best SEO Keyword Search Tool that help you to find Top SEO Keywords for your blog. You can also use SEO Book Keyword Research Tool to research best keywords for which you can get ranked on SERP.

  1. Determining The Value of Every Keyword

In case your search advert has generated 5,000 impressions of which 100 visitors have actually browsed through your portal and eventually only 3 have converted to entire profits of approx $300 then a single visitor of your portal for that particular keyword is worthy of $3 to your business. When you are done till this step then you can finally get started with some good output.

You can simply check for what keywords your competitors are ranking on SERP. SEMrush SEO Tool is very useful SEO Keyword Tracking tool & Best Keyword Research Tool to check top ranked keywords by your competitors websites. SEMrush will really help you to check What Are Keywords for a Website that can give you high traffic and ranking.

  1. Keep The Structure & URL Simple For Search Engines

Keeping the content and URL simple by using text near to standard HTML.URL’S with dynamic parameters (?,&,SID) do not perform when it comes to search engine rankings.

  1. Creating Site Map to Find your Blog URLs by Search Engines

It not only eases your visitors but also help in increasing the rating of your website on search engine. It will be a wonderful idea for those who keep awareness about site maps.You can use XML sitemap generator WordPress plugin that will help your blog to easily found by Search Engines.

  1. Good Quality Content

Keeping text simple and genuine is the basic need of creating a good website but coming up with catchy keyword is a key instrument in building up the rank of a website.

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