Are you a beginner investor & want to invest money in Gold? Well, there are so many ways to invest in Gold online or offline. But in this article, I will show the way to invest in Gold in India that I use. There are several ways to invest in Gold but I use PayTM Gold to invest my money online in Gold for the last few months.

I am not investment advisor, I am just sharing my personal opinion on how do I invest money. Consult with your financial advisor before taking any investment decisions.

I have been investing online in the Stock market & Mutual fund since 2018 and I have built a strong portfolio. I have learned so many things in the stock market & even I have invested money during the COVID-19 stock market crash as well. What I have learned is investing in commodities can help you to balance your overall portfolio.

What is PayTM Gold?

Paytm offers a very good service to buy gold online & like other online gold sellers you can sell it whenever you wish at the current market rate. If you need gold coin delivery to your home, you can even order it through PayTM.

Invest in PayTm Gold OnlineYou can even invest 5 Rupees in PayTM Gold, that’s Amazing. I have been saving in PayTM gold for the last few months & I like the way they show our investment with the latest gold rate at which you can sell it.

How I save money on PayTM Gold?

Sometimes I feel like eating outside or there are unwanted expenses coming up. If it is avoidable, I usually avoid it and the money I was going to spend was usually go to PayTM gold investment.Investing in PayTM Gold Online

I also make money from blogging, so Google Adsense pays me every 21st to 25th of every month just like salary. I use the Adsense payment to invest in PayTM Gold & another portion goes to my daughter’s account (Sukanya Samriddhi Account) which I opened for her at the time of her birth. The major portion was being invested in the Mutual fund & the stock market by me as I love money growing instead of remaining idle in my bank account.

If you are just starting investing in PayTm Gold, they also offer PayTM coupons for investing on the Gold line. This way you can get 10-20 Rupees gold extra on your account.

I use 5Paisa to invest in stockmarket & they also offer investment options in Gold but their charges are a bit higher if we compare it with PayTM Gold. I don’t know about other apps r websites which offer online gold investment opportunity but I trust on PayTM for this one.

Physical Gold vs Online Gold

If you buy physical gold, you can wear it. To sell it, you have to go to the jewelry shop but usually, people don’t sell physical gold in India as they are in ornament form. Peoples in India only sell gold ornaments when there is a financial emergency.

In the case of online Gold, you know how much your current investment worth. Also if you want to sell it, you get money immediately to your PayTm account.

There are other gold investment options as well like Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB), Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Physical Gold, Online Gold.

How do you invest in Gold? Physical or online? Which app do you use to invest in Gold? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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