Anyone can start taking small steps today to increase their net worth, no matter if you have a negative net worth or you do have millions of dollars with you.

I have started working on it since 2018, till that date I was only working for money. The money I get was spent completely at the end of the month and after that, I have to work again the entire month to get a new payment. Just like a job, Google Adsense was paying me every month and I was relying only on Google AdSense & Amazon affiliate income since 2018.

I have personally tried various methods to increase my net worth and here in this article, I will be showing you how to increase net worth the way I personally have tried myself. Maybe some of the things may not be applied to your circumstance, but I hope few options surely work for you.

How To Increase Your Net Worth

Little steps taken today will be helpful for a better tomorrow.

Start tracking it

I have heard so many of my friends, that I earn around 30,000 Rupees per month but still, he is borrowing money to fulfill his month-end needs.

I have created Google Sheet for my income as well as expense for the entire month. So that, I can track where I am today. here is an example of a worksheet I manage to track my financial earning plus expense for this May month.

Daily Order Sheet

I mark few pending entries with red color, while the green color represents the successful deal or order or payment cleared.

I have been maintaining and tracking my income expenses for the last few years and I was able to save money from so many unwanted expenses. This sheet was for my business, if you are doing a job it will not be applicable for you, but you can try creating something similar that matches your requirement, income as well as expense.

Basically, you need to track what you earn, spend and maintain it on regular basis, so, at the end of the month, you can analyze which was the additional expense you could save.

Invest to get profit

Now, the biggest part is there, the amount you have saved should be invested into the stock market, mutual funds. I divide my saving & investing into the following:

I use 5Paisa to invest my money in the stock market & use Paisabazar to invest in a mutual fund, but I don’t recommend Paisabazar anymore. Their customer support is worst, good thing is you can use 5Paisa to invest in both mutual funds as well as the stock market.

Long-term investment: I usually buy bluechip stocks like L&T, SBI, HDFC, TCS like companies for the long term, this will be for my future as accumulating them on regular basis will give me a compounding advantage as well.

For mutual funds, I also use the same strategy. I have been investing in Axis long-term tax-saving mutual funds on regular basis. This is the amount, I don’t need in nearby future for up to 3-5 years or more.

Short team investment: I am also investing in few stocks which I use to make a profit within 1 year. I mean, if I buy today, I can sell them within a week, month, or after few months.

This plays a very good role in increasing your net worth for short-term play, but be careful, as you may also lose your money as well. So play with the money which you can afford to lose with this.

Emergency Fund: I use debt mutual funds to save money instead of parking money on the bank’s saving account. We get an average of 7-8% return or even more with debt fund, while bank offers only 3-4 percent interest.

Stock Market Investment TrackerIf I talk about myself, I made 1.3 million rupees from the stock market from 2018 to 2021, by investing only & the average rate of return I am getting right now is 64%, the average day of my investment is 400 days.

Now I am working on minimizing those average days of investment with the same return, I will keep posted on this status on my upcoming blog posts.

If you are just a beginner & want to start with the stock market, you can start with 5Paisa & start investing today. You earn 250 Rupees as a signup bonus for a limited period of time to start with.

I have even started my US stock trading account with INDMoney in May 2021 & will be investing in US stocks as well. Good thing is that we can buy stocks in fractional mode just like Bitcoin. If you are from India & want to invest in the US stock market, this article will help you.

Start a Blog

This is the most effective way to make money online passively. All you need is a website where you solve the problems of peoples & you can make money even when you are sleeping.

Create a website in less than 20 minutes & start your blog now. There are a number of reasons to have a blog & you can monetize your website in so many ways. You can check some of the best ways to monetize any blog or website and generate passive income online.

If you have a blog with good traffic, you can get a sponsored blog post on your blog too. There are so many ways to make passive income from your blog, you can try some of them from below. If you don’t know about blogging & want to start your own blog, You can easily learn how to start a blog with my free How To Start a Blog Course.

I manage around 10 blogs right now and frequently getting sponsored blog posts on them.

Kill off all your debt

If you are considering increasing your network, and you are still in debt, you have got work to do.

Compounding interest in your investment and saving is one of the powerful tools to increase your wealth, but if you have a debit, your lender is making money, not you. Try to get rid of debt first if you have money, you may also change your lifestyle a bit if needed.

E.g. walking to a nearby place instead of using a vehicle, or use a bike instead of a car to some places.

Cut out recurring expenses

Check out your last month’s statements hitting your bank accounts & credit cards regularly. Often you might surprise with the charges you pay passively, do review them, and cut out unwanted expenses. Sometimes it may be a service or a product you don’t use anymore.

Buy an Insurance

Seems it’s spending but worth. Getting health insurance for you & your family will help you during a medical emergency and you don’t need to sell your assets to pay a huge amount. Your medical insurance company will do that for you and pay your hospital bills.

I personally pay for health insurance for my family for the last 10 years and most of the hospitalization expenses, including my father’s cataract surgery, kidney stone & many other expenses were paid by the insurance company. I didn’t have to spend much on medical emergencies as I have health insurance.

Buy Online Digital Gold in SIP mode

In India, right now there are many online retailers like PayTM, Google Pay, Freecharge offer buying gold as low as 5 rupees too.

We know that going out for a dinner will cost you a minimum of 500 Rupees to 1000 Rupees or more based on your restaurant & food preference. Try investing in digital gold like 100 rupees every month or 500 rupees based on what you want to save each month.

Gold has its own value and with the passage of time, it will be plus only. I still remember my father bought golden ornaments for 5000 rupees for my mom when I was 10 years old and we sold it for 2,50,000 during our needed time, it took around 18-20 years roughly to reach that amount but it will generate large amount on the long run.

Digital gold has its own advantage, that you can sell it anytime for cash whenever you need. Another biggest advantage is you don’t have to store it in safer as it’s digital gold and you get a receipt for each payment.

You may also invest in a Gold Bond which is similar to digital gold, but I never tried that. As I think with PayTM like stores we can easily have them on a regular basis whenever prices are lower than our purchased amount. This way, we get the advantage of averaging & compounding benefits in long run.

Real Estate Investment

You need money to earn more money. We all know that the population is increasing day by day but the land will remain the same. So people will need a space to leave and you can generate the biggest rental income in long run with real estate investment.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the price of many real estate property went down to the lowest level, this is the right time to invest in real estate if you have money.

You get a rental income on monthly basis + in long run, you will also benefit by selling it, as the price of the property will be always going upwards.

Invest in your Self

You may have heard many popular investors & personalities saying this sentence that invest in yourself.

They do mean that, try reading books from popular authors, hire a mentor for your financial problems, learn new skills. This is the biggest investment as your mind will think like an entrepreneur & you can multiply your money only with the best decision yourself.

For myself, I read books sometimes but I regularly watch financial informative videos or read at least one article per day.

These are the way I personally tried to date to increase my wealth. I will keep adding more sources of multiplying wealth as soon as I learn & try them. If you really liked this article, please share it & like it to motivate me.

I am not a financial expert or advisor, I just try things myself and share what I learn. Always consult with your financial advisor before making an investment decision.

Do let me know, what methods you have tried or you get success with to increase your wealth?